Saturday, December 27, 2014

Somethings, are just Great!

The following is proof that my family and friends know ME very well!! 
Something to unwind with...

 Something to make me smile...
I guess I'm the only person who never knew about these ...bird window magnets half on inside half on it looks like a bird that can travel through glass...I just love this!
( It rained for 3 days prior to Christmas...)

Something to comfort me,
many nice greetings and an entire yard of chocolate candy ...

Something to remind me of the importance of friends..
and  bigger is better when coffee is involved....

Something to keep balance...
some things are better in small packages  nesting owl measuring cups---
these are precious! many thoughtful gifts I received...

 it was such fun in the end...I DID NOT stress out about it...
 now the family is safe back in their own homes, the table is cleared, the gift wrap is secured, the left overs await,  and the SUN came out--awwww finally

It's time to rest up and regenerate...

Appreciate the daily gifts we take for granted sometimes...

Like the view out our front door....I mean how many people are lucky enough to have this view to see every single day? If I'm not blessed I don't know who is!

and he has a sidekick too...

...and something to look forward to
                                  A Breaking Bad marathon on TV starts tomorrow...
                                                                  Im excited since.... 

I CAME DOWN WITH A COLD on Christmas Eve I lost my voice so I did a lot of listening, and not much talking---and I feel like being a couch potato for a day or two now....
this is the most I've said in 4 days!! TG for the Sun returning it may help!

Last post of 2014!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I've been out of sync with the rest of the world, but I'm back!! Thought of you all day yesterday, so you are the first visit of the morning. Glad to see you had a lovely Christmas, despite your cold, and sounds like you are looking forward to a happy, fulfilling New Year!

  2. So many great gifts! That window bird is very cool. Enjoy the Breaking Bad marathon and get better soon!!!

  3. I love those bird window magnets. Never seen those before.
    The view is perfect.
    And next glass you have, have one for me.

    1. I want more of them just cause they're so dang cute..

  4. I always love when you post pictures from around your outdoor area. Lovely birds and now a horse and a little donkey?. And your new found pup enjoying the rays. I have seen those birds are craft shows but never bought one. wonder why they are so neat. Great gifts! I too got a bottle of wine.

    Rest up and get well soon.

    1. thank you Jo....Its very Rural where I live, Im surrounded by dirt roads on all sides...but I do have neighbors we are all at least 2 acres apart...I had nearly 10 acres...but had to sell 6.6 of it in order to buy out my X in 2013 so now we have only 3.2 left now...I have my fingers crossed that I can repurchase at least 4 of it back maybe next yr!

  5. What a perfect Christmas , well except for the cold. Nice part of blogging is you can talk to peeps even when you don't feel well. And any time night or day without bothering anybody. Hope you feel better and have a beautiful New Year. Your sweet pup looks so happy in the sunshine. Just lazing away and counting his blessings. Just like you (and me too).

  6. Sorry about your cold. Hopefully you'll be better soon. You got some very thoughtful gifts. Is that a downy woodpecker?

  7. Loved you photos...Get well soon. Love you!!!


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