Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cheering up With Simple Green!

Peppersdriftwood planter  

Spent a fair amount of time tending my flower pots this week and re-listing Ebay items that ran out last week, in the afternoons when it heats up...Ebay sent me free listings until the 20th of August!  I have increased my inventory and continue to move my Vintage items to Etsy! Its so much easier there to list, now if I can get enough to draw in a sale--Ebay is making it so hard to be a seller, they think they are our bosses! HA got news for them, we can end our listings with one click of the mouse! No listings No fees! They want us to offer 90 day return for holidays...Holy Cow, I think they are trying to push out the "used" item dealers such as myself. 

                                                                                    Anyways I got some work done on that over the past couple days! Check out the new link to my Etsy store on the sidebar.  I want to eventually have some hand made items!  I took some photos of the annual pots I also played with  fancy framing it felt good to be creative!---I've been trying to relax more and get involved in doing anything to keep my mind busy!  We sort of stayed with a white, green, and maroon, theme this yr. Mom and I worked on these pots in the spring, and now we are enjoying them as well as the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Mostly its impatiens, caladiums, periwinkles,  and some cool greens of various kinds-we don't have a green thumb per-se, but we always try to have flowers every summer   I purchased one flat with 6 impatiens, one flat with 6 periwinkles and a few blue petunias...we rooted or seeded the rest, there is one Dahlia in there too it bloomed already a deep purple. 

I usually fill my deck up with plants! Having basal right by the door is good thing I just reach out and get a leaf or two when I need it..
Deck plantingdeck planter 2
Like I've shared before I normally root sweet potato vine year to yr so these are a couple of yrs  old now...added marigold, coleus I grow these from seed, and some wandering jew--I keep this alive year to year. 

white impatient planter center pieceperiwinkles

These impatients like the shade, take quite a lot of water too...but they keep right on flowering! AND *knock* on good wood--the squirrels don't bother 'em! these photos were lined up wonderful in my draft screen but when I post they are scattered all over the place!! I thought the smaller size would work better but its hard to make them stay put!!
the water gardenwhite impatientscaladiums
And I've really enjoyed my small water garden this yr! That's it up behind the gazing ball..AND here it is centered in a larger size so you can see all the little plants up close! Some frogs have enjoyed hanging out there too this summer... 
We have tadpoles in our water barrels! Hope they hatch out soon, we need to use the water, we like to water the plants with rainwater, they do so much better on that!! Plants are one of the best parts of summer...the flowers  and the fresh veggies too! Today we peeled and sliced up fresh SC peaches to freeze!! We put them on a cookie sheet and freeze; then put the frozen slices in zip-lock bags so it wont stick together this way we can open the bag and get out whatever we want and not have to thaw the whole bag!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Love your pot-pourri of plants, especially the water garden. I see you have water hyacinths. My favorite. I'm requesting a picture of one in bloom.

      here is a bloom! They bloom in early June

  2. I love all your plants, they are so healthy and green. The flowers are so pretty too. I love a water garden, I can't even keep water in my fountain without running out there every half hour to add water. I finally gave up and emptied it out. Of all the flowers I had I have only 2 plants left and they aren't looking very good.
    So I really enjoyed looking at yours.

    1. IT is hard to keep them looking good all summer, we have had a lot of rain this year and the sun was not so intense I think that helped. BUT my vegetable garden was a bust this yr mostly! That one pepper is in a pot mixed in with the flowers so it did well!

  3. Your plants look awesome. How have you been?


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