Monday, August 25, 2014

Something Constructive!

It got a wee bit cooler here today! We had the AC off until 1 pm that was nice! Little by little it will cool, the leaves will fall, and it will be time to turn on the heat! Our open window "window" is pretty short!  While its nice out I was able to get one of those "planned upgrades" done to the DLEX ,,,now If  only I could afford the shocks, brakes, tune up, and tires------I finally realized what I need is not a good job but a HANDY man!! But till I sign up for Cougars R US let me show you a job I was able to do!!

Remember that light project I spoke when I want my double doors to be open on my van and the back light is on...and I'm always afraid the battery will get run down..I found one in
                                                              drum roll please

WHERE ELSE? Dang I hate that-- but it was there right on the shelf for a couple bucks grabbed it up and SHEZAM put it follows!   The old one is held in by 2 screws...fumble around and get those out--


Tug gently  on the wires till the point of attachment is found  like shown below.

Make sure the light is OFF I turned mine off by closing the door that has that little "thing" that when you shut the door it turns off the light..dont cut this wire with Power ON, if you have to disconnect the Positive side on the battery under the hood, then do that....! You could BLOW something or get hurt if you cut it with live power running to it!  Snip- Snip-

Here is the kit I chose it has a push button on/off switch which I can leave in on position and when I open or close the door it will come on...but when I'm camping and want both doors open I can push the button to has a clear cover and its a bigger bulb...

here is some of the tools you will need!

You have to strip back some insulation off the wire to expose the copper...I used that electricians red..pliers on the left it has handy stripping notches you just close it on the wire and pull off the insulation.  Only strip about 3/8" off like so...

I wish I had thought of buying some CRIMP connectors but I didn't so I used some of these twist kind I had in the tool shed. (if you use crimp connectors you don't have to strip the wire you just insert wire in each end then squeeze it and it cuts thru the insulation and makes the connection, you can get them in the auto section) Connect white to white and black to black...then secure the connection with the nuts.  YOU could just use black electrical tape..Black is normally the Positive wire.  White is neutral--here is how I did mine.

At this point check your light make sure its working...Open the door to make the wire live, and push the button to turn on the light. It works so close the door again and turn off the light...

I put black electrical tape around those twist nuts to make sure they wont work off and push wire and nuts up in the hole inside the roof...

Now its time to put the attaching screws headliner is on a board of some type so it accepts screws..

I love this magnetic screw holder on my cordless screwdriver...without it I could not hold this screw with my clumsy hands...

Mount all 4 screws keep it straight if you can...NOW I forgot to put that black gasket around my installation,..I did keep it to put in at a later time if it becomes a problem!  Since this is an inside installation I don't think it will be an issue.


Then put the cover in place and insert the 2 screws in it...and test it....ON

OFF --cool beans!!

...another thing I spoke of doing is when I removed the TV from the headroom area..I put up a piece of plywood that I glued some cloth too!  I found these 3 trash cans and I used them to make some storage containers.  In order to make it so the stuff I store doesn't slide out I put this netting purchased at Jo-Anne's around the top of each can like so....I used duct tape to hold it on..

and I have 3 of them!! Now its not a huge behemoth TV and I like the Celestial fabric and extra storage! And I can pull these cans out and put stuff in the top bin too as long as its not heavy stuff.

Pretty simple eh???

Another issue was this annoying wire that keeps falling down!! It scares Annie when she rides on the bench seat so I finally did something about that using some double sided tape...

Poked it up in there and put a nice big chunk of tape over it in a couple of spaces...and it worked!! (so far)

Out of Sight ---finally!!

Felt good to have some things go Smoothly and  it also felt good to be doing something constructive!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Nice job.I really like the way you fixed the storage area, what a great idea to fill that space. Storage is always and issue for the small campers we have. Although you have much more room than I have.
    I have been wanting to get into the camper and get things done but this heat and humidity is just not giving me incentive to go in there and roast my butt off.

  2. Now that's more like the Sandra we know and love. So creative! Love the trash cans.

  3. You are amazing!! Is there anything you can't do?

  4. You are such a smart woman .... you really can do it all. I feel the same as you about WallyMart .. hate to, but sometimes you just gotta';


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