Friday, August 22, 2014

Freaky Friday!!

There is more to life than Trouble and Toil, Struggle and Strife!!! Oh What a tangled web we weave, eh?  I wish I could catch this guy and gently place him inside the medical clinic that is trying to drive me insane...look at those fangs!!! I'd like to wait outside and see all those "desk jockey's" run for their that evil or what? *snicker*

I am afraid of spiders!! So I keep my distance--this is of course the black n yellow Garden Spider he is quite large, including his legs he is probably the size of a silver dollar!

This one I had to look up its the Arrowshaped Micrathena 

the sun was not co-operating so not a very good shot i tried to darken it up so you could see that  triangle shaped shield on her back! Its another orbweaver.

The Ruby throated is the only hummer we have in this county...upstate in the mountains maybe you will see other vagrants and now they say leave the feeders up some are overwintering! This one def gave me the stink eye!

Caught a Red Admiral resting---look at those antenna---almost looks like he is sending some kind of signal into outer space!

And its time to pick! Grapes that is--they grow wild here so there's plenty for the taking! All my efforts last yr to Seek and Destroy vines sort of left me HIGH n DRY for the pickings, with great quantities UP high where the vines grow all the way up to the tops of the trees!! I did however get a batch and I think tomorrow Ill take a walk around and find more.  I was attacked by fire-ants while picking grapes this morning--they swarmed my feet and bit the daylights outta me!!
HOLY HOT TERROR! It is a dangerous world out there!!

And behind that you see...PEARS

I .......borrowed these from a tree in the yard of an abandoned house nearby....I swear there is a ghost living there...the door s-q-u-e-a-k-e-s and I swear I see something move...<<<<shudder>>>>-----I didn't see the sense of letting them as quick as I cold I dashed to the tree grabbed my skirt full and then hi tailed it outta there!!! Creepy---even the deer were not getting at em'' heck the deer wont even allow one bloom on my pear tree they will come and stand on hind legs and jump up to get those buds off.....then come back during the rut to scratch off their velvet and in the process damage the tree trunk!!! These are not the kind you buy in Walmart-- they are old fashioned pears good for preserving so I will make preserves, and share!!

...and at least one pepper is glowing in the dark its so ripe!! More are turning--I love these sweet peppers,
Its 100 degrees today so after the picking spree I've spent the rest of the day inside...nursing my ant bites....doing this n that...tomorrow I'll probably start on those preserves!!  I love to watch disaster movies on Friday night if one is Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Meteors, Volcanoes, Giant Spiders, and Ants !!  Have a great weekend!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I Remember those fire ants from my time living in Florida. The first time I was attacked I didn't know what it was and the bites got really disgusting, oozing and all. I was more careful after that.

  2. I love the looks of the second spider, with colors like that I bet he has a nasty bite. The fruits are nice I wish I was closer so I could taste the pear preserves. Try putting vinegar on the bites. I have some stuff in a pen looking thing and it smells like straight ammonia to me but that also works.
    You have a great weekend too

  3. Awesome spider pics! The harvest looks so super good too. :) We are loving the daily harvests here!

  4. Great pics!! You're picking grapes, I'm picking blueberries!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures -- amazing you got such lovely shots of the spiders when espcially when you are afraid of them. Those grapes look lucious!

  6. Gorgeous pictures -- amazing you got such lovely shots of the spiders when espcially when you are afraid of them. Those grapes look lucious!

  7. What outstanding photos!! I love the hummer photo with the vibrant colors. What a great shot!


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