Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's a Cruel World

Today was the day the dogs had to go down to met the Mobile Vet. They were very excited to start out, thought "Road Trip" I don't normally take my dogs riding round unless we are going someplace!  They run around in circles, springing down the driveway...I have to call them back then they jump into the DixxeLand Express and away we go.  They usually both jump on the bench seat each one has a Picture Window to view the world through.  I keep a King sized sheet in the van to put over the seat, so I can shake off the hair and sand they tromp in!
They have to get booster shots and the blood testing now required before you can get heartworm pills and that has to be done with a prescription or buy it direct from a vet. Its all a racket these days! I recall when we bought the pills from the feed store. 
There is no way on this Earth I could be a vet!! NOT because I don't love animals I fact its my love of animals that drove my decision to eat a Vegan diet.  There's more than enough veggies to do me.  Its not that I don't understand medical processes, or I'm afraid of blood, I'm not intimidated with emergency life saving techniques...quite the contrary I was a I dealt with all that stuff when human lives were at stake, not my favorite job but I did it for nearly 6 yrs.
The reason I could never be a vet is IGNORANT CRUEL PEOPLE.
I always arrive early due to the chaos of the owners as they line up, break line, can't control their animals, and the ones who are cruel and this woman:
She comes up with her mother--and mother's dog..mother is an older lady who is hard of hearing...instead of getting hearing aides she takes her ignorant daughter along to communicate.  Within minutes she had dropped the F-bomb on the vet! Her form hadn't even been filled out yet...the vet tech handled it so well......."I'm a breeder, believe me I know what her dog needs, she don't need no heartworm test."  I would have jumped in her face and said just who do you think you're cursing??? I had to control MYSELF as I was about to say, "What is your problem lady?" The vet tech has what I don't have....the right temperament to deal with jerks during conflict.
He diffused that one pretty good....meanwhile old lady lights up a cigarette while holding the poor Chihuahua--its eyes were watering...then when some others coughed and waved their hands in front of their faces, she stomped it on the ground...the daughter pipes in with the whiniest of voices "Damn mamma I wanted a drag off that." >>>>OKAY moving on... 
A young Mexican man walks up with a puppy about 2 mos old no leash puts it on the ground it immediately takes off into the busy parking lot full of cars zipping in every direction on the tarmac.  Did I mention it was raining? Oh yeah to make it all ever merrier it began to rain...
Everyone had to help this twit fetch his dog back before it became road kill...
I'm first in line I always get there early...and my dogs sit by my side quietly as we wait for the van to arrive and set my paperwork is filled in, and my dogs have had their shots, the blood has been drawn and now I'm awaiting the results it takes 10 mins. 

Up comes this elderly black man he is rail thin, he also has a lit cigarette hanging from his whiskered face.  He is dragging a ever thinner mixed breed pit bull dog behind him.  He has a large heavy chain collar on the dog and a 1 x 4 about 3 ft long in the other hand.  He threatens the dog with the board immediately upon his arrival at the van. OMG now my ballistic button is about to fire! 

The vet, an older gentleman went over immediately, 
"You here for your dog's shots?"  This old man had obviously had a hard life and never received a proper education, all he knew about life is its about who can knock the hardest.  
The dog was quite happy to see everyone he was wagging his tail, trying to sniff noses with the puppies, and had a great big smile on his eyes had teared already. 

"Yeah, he ain't worth it but I guess I need to get it, he might bite me with the rabies." He threatens the dog with the board again, as he reaches out toward my dog Flossie, I had come closer cause if he drew back to hit that dog>>>> I WOULD BE GOING TO JAIL IN  ABOUT 5 MINS, AFTER I DECKED HIM AND HE HIT THE GROUND,....for assault, I may be bent but you know about those stories the strength of Samson when you need it, my plan was to quickly disarm him of the plank, then use it to beat the living daylights out of him...probably about the head and shoulders....and then ask..."how did you like that?"

 If I didn't get away from there fast I knew I was going to explode.   
The vet being a much better people person than I, spoke up..."Now we don't hit dogs with planks here, you don't need that he is going to be a good boy and we'll get you fixed up right away." He could not write so the vet filled out his form for him...the dog waited patiently...I took this opportunity to look him over he had scars all over his rear end...Tears coming even more now dripped down my face.  I wanted to grab the leash and run away...
The vet took the plank away from the old man and put it in the van...they gave the dog his shot gave the man his new tag and then he he left he was yelling, "You took my stick now what if goes to run away?" Holy with it, if he runs away you both will be better off!!

I told the female tech who helped me,

" I couldn't do this way....I'm too closed minded for this!!!"

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Oh man. You turned such a terrible story into one that had me smiling, knowing there's folks like you out there that would gladly whack a mean old man with a plank for mistreating his pet. You call me if you ever need bail money!

    1. I may just need a get out of jail free card!! HA

  2. That poor animal. It's hard to imagine, but I'm sure the world is full of mistreated dogs. You just have to wonder - why?

    1. Barbara I felt like I had betrayed that animal by not taking him away from that horrible life...its haunting me yet today and it may takes weeks to shake this feeling....:o( I know I cant save the world but I can still grieve that which I cant save.

  3. OHM you and I could get into so much trouble. I hate mean people why do they even have pets? just to have something to mistreat? Of course cause they have no guts to treat people like that.

    1. I guess I have a little vigilante in too?

  4. A cruel world indeed Sondra.
    Sadly, I bet just the tip of the iceberg of animal cruelty.
    Why these monsters have pets is beyond me.

    1. I know Keith and animal cruelty laws are getting tougher, but enforcement seems lax! You have to follow the correct "channels" ....these days I'm anything but ready to see more *&^% floating in channels.

  5. Really sad. I guess sadly I'm not surprised. Unfortunately they don't require training to be a parent of human beings either. Both having pets and having children should require some kind of permit for which you've passed the proper test. I am astounded at the ignorance I see just casually on the street (for both kinds of parents).

  6. UGH! We would have been so distressed! Animal cruelty is so WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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