Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ready, Set, Bird!

I am participating in Jen's from I Used To Hate Birds, (see my sidebar) Birdathon! Would you like to make a pledge to help me Help Her raise money for the Audubon Society of Oregon? If you do just go here...
and you can pledge per species or make a donation! I am then giving my raised funds to Jen's team..
It is going to be fun you can pledge as little (0.01 per bird & Up...I think!) 

I sold this cute birdhouse on my Ebay listings! 

I have a goal of seeing at least 20 birds ( I do believe I will see more than that tho) and since my Mom is in the hospital with a broken hip (her Left this time) I will be birding in and around the yard, hospital, the drive to and from etc..and I've got some special spots in mind too! 

Immature Bald Eagle?

I think I will have mine done by the weekend I have until May 8th to do it! BUT that whole first week of May is filled with Dr Appts and stuff so This weekend is looking good for me! 
It's any bird you see hear or otherwise can ID its RAD as Jen would say she is super cool and all of you 
BIRD NERDS will love her blog check it out!! 

Pileated Silhouette

I probably WONT be getting any good photos to share of my finds....since I sold MY camera--yeeees-- and made a small profit!! I will wait the 14 day return period before I buy a new one JIC!

Monochrome Mocker

I have decided I want either a Canon SX 50 or a Panasonic FZ 70 zoom  size is smaller for me to handle with my new hands...and no lens to try and change with my clumsiness! They both have mega zooms, and a view finder...and good mega pixel count!  I will however try to get some photos with the Kodak that has NO view finder and is dang hard to see what you doing when your hands are doing the watossie!!

brown thrasher in a brown bush
Mom has had the hip surgery same DR who put me back together put her back together! She said we are 
The Falling Wallings sounds like an acrobat act right? Hahaha
 In my next blog I'll report my Birdathon findings!
Okay Lets Get Birding!!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I hope you see a million birds Sondra! Best wishes to your mom. Glad you two have a good Dr!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom. You guys can't catch a break. No wait, that didn't sound right. Hope she mends quickly.

  3. Oh yay! Excited to see what birds you find! I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but hopefully she heals up quickly. Good luck with your birding! Oh and I think you have until JUNE 8th to do it, so if something comes up, don't worry, plenty of time!

    1. OH I thought it was till May 8th so WOW i got loads of time! I may try a couple weekends and turn in my best numbers!! Looks like I switched the dates around....I need someone to watch over me these days!

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she heals well and quickly.
    Lots of birds in your area great shots.


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