Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Ship {Could] Come In!

I'm trying to win a $5000 Home Depot Gift Card!! I entered one of my floor makeovers in their contest y'all can vote by clicking on this link!! 
HEY its time for a good Break for me!! You can be a part of making that happen..*Big Wink*

and send all your friends over too! IF I win I can finish my Project house as it is currently at a stand Still!!! Voting ends on May 31st...


I'm trying to get organized to do my Big Day...Jen told me I've got till June 25th! So I had the dates all mixed up so My results will be coming soon!


and here is something cute I found to resell--

for the little girl who loves frills! I'll let you know what it sells for I paid $2 for it..

And look at this it kinda made me think....hmmmm

New meaning to Paper or Plastic...Not an appealing idea!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Because most logging is for freakin toilet paper! Yeah right! I try to buy the recycled stuff anyway.

    I voted! And I gave a little shoutout about it on my blog, hopefully people do it.

    Also, holy moly your floors look awesome! You just used that rejuvenate stuff???? I have one bedroom with finished wood floors while the rest are all unfinished- think it would work on those??? I am psyched on how good yours look!

    1. YES JeN I do think it will make your floors look great! They make one for Wood floors and one for all kinds of floors like laminate, make sure you ett the correct one for your floor type and follow the directions!

  2. I voted for ya! And the floor looks awesome.

  3. Got my vote. You deserve to win you did so much with that house. Hope you win so you can finish.

  4. We voted for you!!!!! Great job, of course! :)

  5. Can we vote more than once? Good luck!

  6. Thanks to all of you!!! :o))


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