Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day Ago 4-14-14...

Can you get over this cold blast on the last day we should be having frost in my area we are under a frost freeze warning! I spent the last half hr trying to cover stuff up piling leaves over what I could...
And today the first female hummer arrived the males are here almost 2 weeks already! Saw one male doing the "I may get lucky dance"...pretty cool the female was not impressed she was just sitting on the perch sipping that sugary awesome stuff we make for them. 

this is an example of a photo I should have cropped before showing but ....didnt!

There is a baby squirrel in my tool shed... I've been tossing him some grapes he loves those, NO I don't normally feed squirrels, but I think I may have accidentally relocated his mother...I don't think he is still of nursing age, but he depends on her to bring him food so I'm bringing him food..this is not him this is the one in the yard whose mother brought him out to teach him the ropes..I'll try to get a photo of the orphan when the weather gets better!
(rain today cold front coming in)

...nap time- if only they could stay this cute eh?

The Dogwoods are in bloom...I hope this cold blast doesn't kill the blossoms...it may 

and the wisteria is blooming too....We dont let ours get out of  hand, so we have only a few blooms...the bees love it!

The girls are happy to be out wandering around.


and Flossie...

I whacked off some of her hair...I know its awful....

This is all I could get of the moon, the clouds moved in so fast...

NOW I took that photo with the Canon I recently purchased...I took the one below with my Kodak a year ago...I like it much better!!! Dang wish it was still working.  The Canon is too heavy and awkard for me to focus with my hands and wrists the way they are now...so...

... I listed it and it has sold---I will buy myself another bridge camera that is light weight, easy to use and can take the beating I give my equipment! I'll keep ya posted on that.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You are too funny. Feeding the baby squirrel . That last picture of the moon is crazy - you can even see the craters!

  2. Baby squirrel is so cute ... and the orphan is lucky you are there to take care of him.

  3. If we couldn't give our dogs bad haircuts, well that would just be no fun at all.. I think they both look gorgeous! And that squirrel kid is adorable. Relocated the orphan's mother? One of your in the dark/without glasses on trips??

    1. Pretty much! I felt so bad she was the one who was always in my shed tearing up stuff so I moved her..then the baby crawled out..but I didnt see any signs of her nursing I did check! I havent seen him for a few days but He was eating on my bird feeder the last time I saw him so he was out foraging for food and being successful


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