Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carolina Sandhills Visit

The weather is so nice we wanted to see what we could find in a nearby wildlife refuge.
Carolina Sandhills NWR is a spot we visit several times through out the year. Its very close by... I never see any wading birds as they keep the water too deep for that.  I wish it could be better regulated for wading birds and waterfowl. It seems they worry more about the long leaf pine trees.  That's all good and well but doesn't all this burning make the water acidic? I'm just wondering out loud...cause I don't know.

a recent burn area

Around the ponds I can hear lots of songbirds, and some allow a photo...but most are hiding...

A curious Pine warbler came out to see me, but hiding way back where no clear photo was possible was the Common Yellow Throat. One area has a photo blind, I flushed some wood duck upon arrival no shot of them...but these geese were floating nearby.

These geese are wild and migrate, not like the geese at Oak Grove Lake who nearly knock you down for a hand out...the woods are coming alive with all the color its almost like fall with the maples, and oaks budding out.

The Yellow Jasmine is our state flower its in full blossom now...usually it creeps up a tree to the top and blooms high up...this one is out on the edge of the woods.

 A little chipping sparrow got curious and wasn't too scared to get his picture made!!

  The fields are getting green, yellow, and lavender from the small meadow flowers that emerge very early... One bird that was out and about was the Kestrel.  I saw several, so I guess they are looking for small rodents and insects. 

He wanted nada to do with me, 

a crop here of his fly by...

Back by the ponds, the Eastern Kingbird loves to go after the flies over the's a great look at his feathers! 

and his front side...

And we ran this fox squirrel up a tree sometimes these are solid black, or we get this grey/red/black/white variety! They are bigger than the normal grey's and they have a longgg fluffy tail, and move along in an undulating fashion.  See his masked face? These fox squirrels are not as well adapted to interaction with humans I've never had one let me get close...

Had a cool bird in the yard this week, the Black and White Warbler. 

I've got a bad case of spring fever!! Pollen is everywhere that lends to a physical case of spring fever 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Bless you (for the sneezles).... sorry 'bout the hay fever. Beautiful nature walk -- thanks for taking me along. That fox squirrel is so different -- have never seen one and would love to. the birds were cooperative ... and I especially love the fligiht shot.

    1. We had some rain and it knocked some of the pollen down,,,better now for sure and tonight a frost warning, and this is our Frost date!!

  2. A fox squirrel, who would have guessed. Not I, anyway. And that shot of the king bird in flight! Fabulous!

    1. I know more and more they are showing up!. I dont know if the one Ive pictured is a Hybrid of the grey and fox together...its kinda cool!

  3. OH what beautiful pictures the meadow with all the colors and the Kestrel in flight. I could go on an on.

    1. I love the early teensie-eennise flowers one of them is only the size of a button, but together they may quite a show.

  4. Sure looks gorgeous out there! Stunning kingbird shots, and I have never seen a squirrel in those colors before. Pretty cool. Hope you have some tissues, the blooms are starting to take a toll on my nose too.

    1. I heard the Great Crested Flycatcher in the trees today so its officially nesting season!


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