Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Showers

Today we have blowing rain...yuk! We've had rain for 2 solid weeks now and maybe ONE hour of sun in all that time.  I havent updated in a while...

Mom went back to Colorado with sister when she left, since Im working all the time and sis is retired it seems logical that Mom will get more help with her for now..So off they went two weeks ago.  Mom continues to amaze me, she is 89 this yr, just had a terrible bout of illness, lost 8 lbs of body weight and in the end decided YES, I will make a cross country trip and move to Colorado for this summer! IS she amazing or what? This photo is last Mothers day when she was eating a BANANNA SPLIT..Ill wait to see what they end up sending me of her doing this mothers day upcoming.
Work continues on the old friend came to help me this weekend, in fact she is sleeping off our after dinner drinks while I type THE dogs got me up early to go fetch a squirrel to new hunting grounds as one had sprung the relocation trap..SO off in a blowing rain in my PJ's with a trapped squirrel I went...holy cow.

before                                             after

Before and after the removal of the old awning Blue tarps are to keep some of the rain out until the new screen and MY own NEW design of awning is put up...and a fan make over is in progress...

Some spring flowers have been fun to watch around the yard


Sadly we lost another member of our family my dear dog friend Indy (whom Ive written of many times when I went to dog sit her) was laid to rest last week she has been fighting old age for a while now and took a sudden turn for the worst...she has been laid to rest here at my place with her old buddy Spanky...

For Indy 

RIP sweet lady...



  1. Your mum certainly looks good in that picture Sondra.

    The house renovations are really coming along. Must be very rewarding knowing it's all your own effort and work. And a good friend to offer some help too.

  2. HI Sondra...Your Mom looks great, God bless here, I don't know if I will have her spunk or even be alive to take a long trip at that age! haha!!

    You must get that spunk from here have a big continuing project going there!! I hope that rain isn't coming my way has been sunny and 70ish for 2 weeks! It would be likely we would get a couple of weeks of rain now that would bite!!

    Have a good week of ..remember your promise!!
    Nice to see one of your food faces again! lol

  3. Isn't your Mom just a cutie pie! My Mom loves her ice-cream too. The one thing she still enjoys to go out and eat.

    You've got the rain and we've got the sun. We are into a hot stretch. I hope, when it breaks, that we get rain because the woods are fast drying out. It doesn't take long around here for things to get tinder dry.

    Got my potatoes planted today and 7 iris ... hope mine grow as pretty as yours.

  4. I think my father is amazing, but even he won't do a cross country trip. Good for your mom. I know you'll miss her, but you do have plenty to keep you busy. :-D

  5. Sorry to hear about Indy, Sondra. Your mother is tough, great to see that.

    The Irises are beautiful. I have some in my garden but perhaps they are too old and weak as they lack this impressive beauty.

  6. Good for your mom. She is amazing, and I know the great care/support you gave her through that last bout of illness helped her to become fit enough for the trip to her summer home in Colorado.

    Your reno project is coming along just beautifully. Lots of work I know.

    Thanks for the update -- Spring is beautiful in your neck of the woods.


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