Monday, May 27, 2013


IF this doesnt melt your heart then you dont have one...these are the northern cardinal hatchlings that are in the bush right next to where Im working on the ladder.  Their first clutch was stolen by something...So Im glad to see they had another go and now there's 3 in the nest...I know first hand how hard it is to be a bird parent!!

Recall last yr at this time I was a bird mommy, I brought a baby n. mocking I called Milo home to raise when construction threatened his life...I was watching his mother who lives in the neighborhood where I work fledge her brood of 2 today! She is a great Mom..Im so glad I had the opportunity to get to know Milo it was one of the highlights of my life!!

I had to work today, can you belive that? Yeah it was awful, If I didnt need the money I would have stayed home..BUT next week I have the whole week off...OMG I hope I survive it! I have a 2 day trip to the mountains planned and the rest of the time I'll be working on the Project House!!!

And in remembrance of my dad, Herman Walling a veteran, thank you dad for your service!



  1. Oh my gosh Sondra, that is the most amazing picture. Yes it melts my heart. How lucky you are to be where you can see the progress.

    Great you get a vacation next week. Enjoy the mountain part and don't work too hard on the house (yeah, right ;>)P.

  2. Such fragile new life. I hope they make it, and you can keep us updated on progress.
    Enjoy your trip to the mountains; I'm sure you will. :-)

  3. Oh wow those guys are little... Not sure they melt my heart just yet, though once they get a little...cuter... they are sure to be heartbreakers. I'm excited for you to have a week off- do it up right!

  4. Great shot of the nest Sondra, I hope they make it to fledging. Enjoy your week off.

  5. HI Sondra..Oh so cute "tiny-whiny" little things!!
    Hope they make it !! Keep the big bad birds,cats and such away!!!
    Yah.. there was a lot of places where people had to work..crazy !!

  6. So fragile is life ... frail, hungry little souls those little ones.

    So glad you have a WHOLE week off. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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