Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Hooray it was a long work today...the Boss said ILL BE OPEN IF YA'll want to work....and when I asked around NO ONE was gonna work, (but the boss)....they all said the same thing "I could use the money, but I need a day off more" THERE YOU GO, 4 outta 5 take freedom over money!!!! YEAH we are the 99%.

MILO the Mockingbird is doing great I moved him to bigger digs and he is just loving more room to stretch his wings---and squawk!

I went to the race track and dug this tub full of horse manure and its full of RED his diet is more what it should be now...

THIS tub should last him his entire childhood! HE BEGS for food constantly. I bet I fed him 15 worms today! And he hasnt had his night feed yet.

We had this swell fellow come to visit our Aster flowers...I worked in the yard getting things done on Saturday and Sunday,,,,and made this Veggie-Tarian Pizza for dinner, with Veggie Cheese and TOFUKRY (tofu)I plucked some fresh basil and tossed on top wow it was good!

I like to have little whimsy's around this one and this one, and the birds planted a sunflower for us...

and in the garden I found this....Have no idea what it is, it came up from the compost I made..,.SO I hope it lives to maturity so I can see what it is...could be a winter squash, or some kind of melon?


AND today is the last day of my 3 day weekend, and I spent it cleaning up both my Vehicles...boy there were dirty...but now they are shining and looking good!!

        DixxeLand Express  The Silver Bullet

So its back to work tomorrow...although I never stopped all weekend so I guess its just more of the same...ONE of these days IM gonna learn how to completely relax like Milo!!




  1. Hey Sondra... little Milo looks great...cute as a button ... I guess you know what mom and dad Mockingbird must go through to find those RED WIGGLERS to feed this hungry little bugger ; }
    I enjoyed the video : }}}
    That is a gorgeous Swallowtail shot ..
    Looks like you had a good old stay at home weekend!

  2. He's still adorable, and looks like he will be healthy and happy. Congrats!

  3. Ooh I'm glad you got a video to work! He's so freakin cute, I hope he keeps growing strong. He's lucky you found him.

    Yum pizza!

  4. Like the video and the commentary! Lots of work being a Momma bird!!!!

  5. Happy Milo! He's keeping you that you want to do is different from that you have to do.

  6. I loved this Sondra.
    Great to see Milo doing so well.


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