Sunday, June 10, 2012

Milo Almost Grown up...

Milo exploring, originally uploaded by Dixxe's Pixel's.
Here is the promised updated photos of Milo the mockingbird ...he is really growing fast now...he has learned so much since my last update..he now drinks water, takes baths, and hunts gnats, flies, mosquitos, and anything else that moves in the screened porch.

What a joy he is!! I am already getting empty nest syndrone...
Had a great weekend, my friend and I attended a wedding, although I dont recommend marriage, the ceremony and reception was fun!! We celebrated being happily unhitched with a couple of drinks afterwards!! She spent the weekend here with me, Milo and Girls!! WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! Im only working 3 days this coming week, then Im headed up to the Mountains for 4 days!! A waterfall hike may be involved!!!


  1. I'm glad you didn't have to teach him to catch gnats and such. That wouldn't have been fun.

  2. Enjoyed going through your posts Sondra, and catching up.
    Sorry about the problems with the X though. What a bas....!

    As for Milo; you've done an excellent job of giving the little bird a great chance at life. You must be rightly proud of yourself.

  3. Awww Milo is growing up so fast! At one point do you have to set him free? That will be sad for sure... Glad you're having some fun out there, enjoy the mountains!!

    1. yeah....thats my plan, maybe even on Sunday when I return home, he will have to travel with WAY too many Coopers live at my sister's place to release him there he would be hawk lunch in no time..IM headed up to the mtns right after work Wed night! I would like to be here with him on his first day of freedom in case he needs my help..:o)

  4. What an amazing story - you must be so proud!!!

  5. I can't believe I've missed so many of your posts. I kept scrolling down and reading wondering where Milo came from. Finally found it, lol. What a lovely bird. I'm so glad he had someone like you to help him.

  6. Congratulations on all your hard work with Milo coming to fruition, excellent!! He's a real sweetie by the way :-)

  7. I LOVE how you successfully raised Milo!
    Glad you had a fun time at the Wedding. BTW...I fell the same way about marriage.LOL!


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