Monday, June 4, 2012


WELL the good news first:

...My sister came down to spend the weekend with me, and we had a great day out at my favorite Wildlife Refuge..Sandhills.  We took our dogs, all 3, and our chairs and sat by water and watched the dogs play, AND we both agree we need to get a couple of kayaks to go around this sweet lake in...

Later we birded a large meadow, one of my favorite spots in the refuge.  Sis checks the field with the bins...


We spotted  Orchard Orioles swaying on the tips of the tall grass stalks and the scrubby is an adult male...

AND this Immature one...he had his back to us in this shot..and I never got a good face on shot so...pretty far away...

We saw lots of Eastern bluebirds,

indigo buntings, blue grosbeaks, and Eastern Kingbirds..

We saw Wild Turkey, Summer tanagers, Blue Jays, Red Headed Woodpeckers, lots of Un'ID'd sparrows zipping here n there and this-- IT was a toss up between an Imm prothonotary, imm yellow warbler, or a female Summer tanager..and we just threw in the towel and called it a prothonotary! Whadda ya'll think? Now it looks a bit large and the beak looks a bit light to be a prothonotary...Im leaning toward Imm female summer tanager!! BUT convince me!

AND I get as excited about wild flowers as I do birds and they are a little easier to photograph since they dont fly
This one Im still trying to ID it reminds me of bee balm..

This one is called sensitive briar...
also still looking for the ID On this one too, I love this bee with the Orange Pollen on his legs..barely visible...

HE got it off this neaby butterfly weed...

IT was the perfect day cool and sunny!
 Milo news:
    he is doing great, flying all the way across the screen porch now and grabbing at stray flies and gnats, he is learning how to pick food up off the ground, and not having it all handed to him by great progress...Ill get a new photo of him later in the week..

and now the bad news..
MY X, refused to accept my buy out offers even after I convinced the bank  to loan me the money...there IS a limit to how much I can pay back....I HAD Planned to retire in 2 yrs...
SO the homeplace is going up for sale...the listing is laying on my sofa waiting on me to read it, I HATE when a court can FORCE you to do what YOU DONT WANT TO DO...I cant mortgage my entire future.  BUT Its not all bad....IF and when it sells I will be able to do the traveling I want to do!! WHO knows what the future holds!!



  1. Hi Sondra...Wow ...great post and a great day you and your Sis had ...
    The dogs in the water is a cute one : }}
    Lovely wild flowers,birds and bees ; }
    No idea on the bird ID, but he is a beauty !!
    I want a Kayak too, so much fun for exploring!!

    Sorry about the X and the home issue..that stinks!!!!

  2. Fantastic photos and birds and flowers... I would lean towards tanager on the bird, but not with any sort of evidence to back this up. Just the feeling I got when I looked at it.

    Bummer about the house, but glad you are looking on the bright side! Sounds like things could work out well regardless. Give Milo my best!

  3. Sondra, Love your birding adventure. I do believe the bird in question is a female Summer Tanager. Stupendous capture!!! They are shy birds.

    Sigh...x's can be a pain...when it comes to...anything. Wishing you well with that problem.

    P.S. Thank-you so much for your great advice and the cool link on my blog! You understand how to live in a small space. :-D)

  4. What a great day out!
    When I read the part about the bad news, you well deserved a good day. Ugh, sorry about that a**hole and the trouble :/

  5. I just caught up on your blog. As usual, interesting and great pictures. What a story about the mockingbird. You're such a good mother - I don't think I would dig through manure.

    sorry about your problems. of course I'm all for selling the house and going on the road, but you should never be forced into it. Keep us informed.


  6. Such wonderful pictures. The colours are stunning.

  7. It looked like a wonderful day out and the dogs obviously enjoyed it. Lovely to see your blooms and birds. Could the flower which reminded you of bee balm be a type of orchid....or maybe I just have orchids on my brain lately ;) Great photos!!

    So very sorry to read the bad news, I had been hoping 'no news was good news'. How awful to just be thrown out of your own home like that but I'm so pleased you can see the positive benefits!! I see adventures ahead :-)


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