Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mini Vacation

After work yesterday I drove upstate and Im here until Sunday...had a good nights sleep and today the girls and I went hiking...Milo made the trip with us, but he didnt come hiking..I want to release him at home,..probably when we return...
I LOVE the woods up here there is so much to see! All this was trailside..

WE hiked on the Table Rock Trail in the state park of the same name, Table Rock.  Our destination was Green Creek Falls, there was lots of small veils here and there the dogs enjoyed splashing in a few of them...

The waterfall we hiked to see was in such a steep raven that we couldnt hike down to get a photo of it...SO we enjoyed resting at the top and then headed back...

Lots of cool overlooks of the creek....and the Rhododendrons are in bloom along with some other cool plants

HOPE to do more of the same tomorrow!!



  1. I can't think of a better way to spend some time.
    The girls look like they love it too. :-)

  2. It looks wonderful Sondra. Great photos again but the stars of the show are definitely your beautiful girls :-)

    I just left late comments on the previous two posts!

  3. Ha! I cannot imagine a car ride with a baby bird and two dogs! Sounds like you're having a good time though, and the trail shots are gorgeous... Love the dogs on the bridge thing!

  4. Those gorgeous water pictures look very cool and refreshing. I especially love picture 4. Love how you stopped the water.

  5. Sondra,Your post and mighty fine photos sure do make me long for the mountains. Glad you got to take a mini vacation!


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