Thursday, May 31, 2012

all before breakfast...

NOTHING like a little snake wrangling before breakfast to whet one's appetite...

This young Eastern Phoebe  was looking for breakfast in the yard this morning..

Hopefully Milo will soon be joining him in the yard, he just had his spray bath  before breakfast and he loved it!! He has been practicing flying in the screen porch a couple times a day...he is learning!!


I need to learn how to relax like's my breakfast..



  1. Hi couldn't get me to live where there is a snake like that ...even our biggest garter snake creeps me out eeek!!
    Milo is so funny your update on the little fella ; }
    An somebody else there is pretty funny too... nice food face!! : }}

  2. HI Grace, its a black rat snake, and he was looking for his breakfast, probably one of these young birds!! Fortunately it was the titmouse family that alerted me to his presence in the yard and I ran for the grabber, gotta have a grabber...WE have all sorts of snakes here including the Eastern Diamond Back Rattler, the Timber Rattler, the PYGMY Rattler, the Cottonmouth, the Copper Head, and the Coral snake,..ALL of these can be deadly if they get a bite in, that rat snake up there is not poisonous tho!!

  3. Sondra, What kind of "grabber" is that? One that you use to reach fallen stuff? I brought one of those for my elderly Mom. Maybe I need one to manage my "snakes". I just hit them with a long old stick to run them off.:)
    Love the Phoebe...wish they would nest here.
    Milo is looking great! You need an award!!!

    1. Oh...I forgot.

      Love the foodie smiley face.:-D)

    2. HI JEAN, yes its the same thing this one my mom got while she was in rehab after her hip surgery! BUT they sell the Grabber at Walmart it will work just as well I bet!!

  4. Hi Sondra, I've just been catching up with Milo's story and what a story it is! Poor little chap, I'm so glad you were able to save him and he looks like he is thriving, I hope he continues to do well. Lovely photo of him and the phoebe. I also loved the butterfly photo on the earlier post!


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