Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sic Daze

Blogger seems to have decided to let me keep the old Interface a little longer...yeah!
WELL after my weekend in the mountains, I came home and have been quite sick! I did the working sick thing for a week, then basically died on Saturday spent an entire 48 hrs in jammies and slippers and ate pbj sandwiches to stay alive, okay Im exaggerating a wee bit but thats about how bad Ive been feeling.  Then another week of dragging myself to work on days when I would rather stay home in bed!!   Hope now Im on the mend a bit,,,,body aches, like crazy, and I had a mega fever of 104!!! Chills the whole nine., trust me you dont want it!! 

Ive been eating out of my garden, and NO thats now the cause of the illness, the illness came in before the Beans did.  Here is my first "mess" as we say its a MESS OF BEANS....they were good for sure right off the bush into the pot and then on my plate!

I hope after all the rain of this week another Mess will be on the bush by weekend.. I also picked this fancy lettuce and its quite tangy...

OH well this photo wont center...moving on---
 I also have fresh basil, parsley, spring onions, some small carrots and the cherry tomatoes are clustering again....the deer came by and topped all my bushes when I first set them out so they've had to catch up...

All the plants on the deck are making me happy, Im especially happy with the prickly pear cactus I put it in this pot 2 yrs ago, and this yr it bloomed...  Prickly Pear grows wild here and I never realized how well they will grow in pots too!! SOME get quite HUGE so Im gonna try for a BIG One...

and this FRIENDLY SUN is one of my deck buddies...

The little brown headed nuthatch had a visitor knocking on the foot of his tall he came down to you see him there on the upper left?

Who's there?
Pileated Woodpecker that's Who!

SO, as we say in the deep south Good Lord Willing and the creeks dont rise,  I will be cleaning up the yard its about 4 weeks past due and just chllin in my little piece of the American Dream better known as HOME this weekend.
Hope you're all doing the same.



  1. Oh man I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick! Sounds awful.. You have some fantastic looking beans though, and an awesome prickly pear. Glad the garden is doing so well! The nuthatch/woodpecker shot is hilarious...

  2. Hope you get better soon Sondra.
    Love the woodpecker.

  3. Well that 4 leaf clover definitely wasn't a bearer of good things to come. Sorry to hear you were sick ... I sure don't envy you THAT! And in gardening season no less. Sigh. I'm sure you'll get caught up soon. We are just starting to plant up here. Ha ... beans, if I plant them, won't be ready until late August if ready at all. Sigh. We have a VERY short growing season in my neck of the woods. Though fresh green beans ... yum!

  4. Sorry you have been ill.:(
    I love this post! It is very uplifting and creative. I spotted the Brown-headed and am very jealous that you have Pileated's.
    Oh...I love your Sun...also!!!

  5. Hope you're feeling better by now! Your yard is wonderful and your crops have my mouth watering. I've been trying for days to get a picture of a pileated woodpecker...he won't cooperate at all.


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