Thursday, May 10, 2012


GOOD LUCK!!, originally uploaded by Dixxe's Pixel's.

HEY look what I found, maybe my luck is gonna change...Hopefully it will be for the better! HA!


  1. HI Sondra...Well I hope you have better luck with your lucky four leave clovers than I have ; }
    I find them all the time on the lawn ..don't even have to hunt for them... hasn't changed anything for me lol "welllll hmmm maybe so", got rid of the husband ; } maybe that's was mine in one lump sum!! LOL

  2. I do hope so! The very best of good luck Sondra :-)

  3. Super find Sondra! I believe.
    Blessed Be my friend.:)

  4. Great find Sondra. In all the hours I spent looking as a kid I never found a single one.

  5. Well done, Sondra, I haven't seen such a four leave clover for ages! They might not bring luck but that happy feeling accompanying the find counts, right? ;-)


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