Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slow Grow?

Did you ever get one of those weekends where its all work and no play? Well thats what this one ended up as-LOTS of grass to cut, stuff to move, plants needing attention, housework, All that Have to--Stuff-yuk...but finally I'm relaxing now!! Noticed a few things...out in the garden...

Last yr this shot (left) of my basil crop was taken in mid to late June, The plants were not big but they bloomed assuring my seed for next yr. This yr I planted the basil EARLY started it indoors..
Its growing
But its not
blooming yet
AND I didnt save Seeds for next yr!!!

The tomatoes are getting big but taking so long to get ripe!

and my pepper plants
have plenty of leaf,
bloom, and yet only little pea sized peppers!



                                THE ONIONS?



all seem to be growing at a slower pace..I didnt do anything differently than I normally do..Last yr this fig tree was eaten by deer so it didnt quite recover--

This was of the new female hummers feeding on the other side of the bottle...can you see her?

And look who is up to his old tricks..Watching me do all the work while he does all the relaxing!! He really has the life of Riley!!

And this Female American Goldfinch stopped to pay us a visit this weekend...In summer we dont generally get these finches but I guess she was passing through...and needed a drink of water!

How's your summer going so far?


  1. Hi we feel better now that out of your system!!
    I hear ya...sometimes I wonder if gardening is worth it all...,but I think it's ingrained in my system!!
    Just what i do!!
    I love your Goldfinch shot it very nice,but I not so sure if you hadn't just about had it when you came up with the Hummingbird

  2. You are so right..I am always wondering WHY I plant a garden..but I love to watch things grow its part of who I am..
    THE hummers are fighting to see who can get to the feeder first so its been a real challenge to get a decent photo of

  3. Everybody's weather seems to be wacky this year! All my friends went north too soon, and now your plants are slow. What happened to global warming?

  4. Ha, the hummer shot is great! I wish I had a garden but unfortunately I have an apartment and a tree I claimed for feeder-hanging and that's it! I am growing some basil inside for pesto, but it seems to be growing much slower than last summer... Maybe I'll have pesto next month...

  5. I love seeing other peoples efforts in their gardens; always puts mine to shame.
    Love the Goldfinch pose lol

  6. What a lovely selection of pictures. My basil and some of the other plants have not survived the slugs. The worse year ever for them here. I can only admire how well your stuff is growing, puts mine to shame.

  7. Nice garden there. Our plants seem to be confused this year as well.

  8. Your tomato plants are doing better than mine. The blooms keep falling off. Your basil looks healthy.Maybe it will bloom soon.I think our weather and lack of bumblebees is my problem. I can't water enough.
    I see the Hummer! Cool capture.
    Would Riley like some company? I could send you my squirrels.:)

  9. Great post Sondra. That sounds just like the weekend that I have ahead of me although my success with plants seems to be very limited. I don't think I'm cut out for gardening.

  10. Summer? Dunno, wake me up when it's over ;)
    Weird that everything goes at a different pace. Is the weather much different from last year?
    Love the squirrel :D
    And yes, can see the hummingbird :D

  11. Your gardening looks good to me, even if its' a bit slow. Summer is going good out here in Oregon! Our next door neighbor has a little box garden and invites us to help pick and our daughter's blueberries are on. (That's the way we garden -- help other people pick their surplus crops...not quite as lazy as your helper, but almost!!)....YOur basil makes my mouth water for pesto sauce.

  12. Tom's are lovely to plant and watch grow but as you know need loads of water.
    I usually have a few on the go in grow-bags but some how it just didn't happen this year.
    I hope you get a good crop from all your plants this year.


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