Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just Stuff--

I caught her!! YEP the female house finch with the eye infection!  I was able to just sneak up on her while she was on the bird feeder-- reached out and grabbed her! SHE was not too happy..but she will be happy in a few more days when HER sight is returned to her!  Look at the poor thing the first day...and then with Only ONE day of treatment--

I was off work today for one reason or another and we spent the entire morning bleach cleaning all our feeders, water stations, and suet holders too...Although I dont think the problem is here...They just appear suddenly like that! The poor Goldfinch was only passing through he was here for One day only wish I had been able to catch him...
Meanwhile Check out this very bug-eyed butterfly who enjoyed some of my potted plants on the deck..

What's Bugging YOU?
palamedes swallowtail
THE heat is still on...all of us are panting as we go about our Daily Chores in the outdoors....


AND NOW I know what's happening to my Hosta Plants!! THIS freeloader has outstayed his welcome!!

Guess who came to Dinner?

AND I have to give a PLUG to SNAPFISH if you enjoy producing your OWN cards and photobooks, (Like I do) try Snapfish! They also make prints and they run some very cool specials too...(like 99 prints for 99c) I ordered these greeting cards made from some of my favorite photos--I always put a cool message inside each card and the back is marked with MY own Logo! The only complaint I have is I wish there was an easier way to order from my saved projects, have to order each one separetely...they cost 1.99 each and that includes an envelope..they do combine the order and you pay  only a very small shipping fee---HEY you cant get a "Designer" card for that price... a good Hallmark Card is $3.50.  Before you order google up a Coupon Code and you can probably find one for a discount or free shipping or something like that...i found one that gave me a $5.95 discount on my order.  Get on their mailing list and they will email you all kinds of special deals...Like now they have buy one 8 x 11 photo book get 2 free!! WHAT a deal eh? Great for scrapers.
Here's my cards..I laid these out on my bed so you can seee how cool vibrant the color is Each one is Perfect!! ....I've used Snapfish before for photobooks, notecards, and greeting cards, and am very pleased with the price and the quality for the buck! These cards are 5 x 7 and printed on nice heavy glossy cardstock--

For the curious these were taken on my travels the past couple of yrs.
left to right
  1. The White Foal ( Navajo Lands, AZ)
  2. Monument Valley, AZ
  3. Lake Powell, AZ
  4. Monument Valley, AZ
  5. Maroon Bells, CO
  6. Betatakin Ruins, Navajo National Monument, AZ
  7. Sheep in the Road, AZ
  8. Canyonlands NP, Utah
  9. Antelope in Utah
  10. Mt Sopris, Carbondale, CO
  11. the Delicate Arch, Arches NP, Utah
  12. A Vintage Shoppe in Basalt, CO
Hope your week has been good THE heat is REALLY on for us this weekend..SO I'll probably be laying low in the AC..AGAIN!



  1. Hi Sondra...I would love to seen you sneaking up on the bird...I can't believe you actually caught it lol
    That is a lucky bird...good for you!!
    Great angle on the butterfly... what big eyes you have..."the better to see you with my dear"
    So the heat goes on huh..try not to pant to much !!
    I feel bad for those critters out in that heat ...well maybe not the freeloader!!
    PS Just a note to thank you for your kind words about my loss of my kitty!!

  2. Well done on catching that bird Sondra. I'm sure he'll make a full recovery now.

    Those cards look good. I'll take a look at Snapship in more detail.

  3. I can't believe you caught a wild bird! Good job! Love the cards!

  4. Wow, your pictures are amazing, but the story of the house finch just brought tears to my eyes.

  5. I am so glad you could catch that poor Finch and I am glad she's getting better!
    Love all your visitors and hope the heat will go away soon!

  6. Wonderful that you caught the bird and what a difference in the eye. Love the bug eyed flutter. Your pictures are always fabulous.

  7. Oh I'm so glad you were able to catch the bird! And honestly, you are so talented -- your cards are beautiful. If you weren't so nice, I could be seriously jealous.

    Thanks for sharing. Maybe I will try Snapfish -- I have several relatives who are computer-phoebic and it would be nice to send my pix to them.

  8. I'm impressed that you caught that bird and were able to doctor it up so well! What did you use on that eye?

    Your cards do look great.

  9. I use a salve that I purchased at the local feed store its for the eye and its called-
    terramycin! I apply using a clean Q-tip to each eye daily....UPDATE the bird was realeased over the weekend..NO photos sorry--but she flew right up to a tree and shook her feathers at me--good as new!!

  10. That's great news Sondra. One happy and grateful bird :-)

  11. Yes, we use Snapfish here too. Sometimes HP has a better idea. Grand that you caught that little thing. It's eye was truly awful.

  12. Whoa I can't believe you caught the finch!! Awesome!! Love the cards you had made... Do you sell them?!

  13. Great sets of shots! The bottom one is pretty cool.


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