Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WBW 35-Reality Show

NOT a lot of birding going on in my life right now...so only  birds that come to me are being enjoyed at this point..hopefully as the weather cools (whenever it does) I will find something more interesting but until then these are a few of the birds I see right here in my yard... 

WE have a bumper crop of hummers here this yr.  This is the ruby throated male to the left and the female above, we've had 4 females and 2 males - regulars at the feeder so much fun watching them as they zip zap around and bombard each other to try and keep the feeder under their control...Then they rest---take a snooze then back at it again in 15 minutes!!  They are drinking a bottle a day almost.

And this brilliant American Goldfinch came by for a visit... then I noticed he had a problem...see the eye? He has conjunctivitis and he will go blind without treatment...which I can offer if I could only catch him..BUT he can hear me and the other birds tipped him off so he flew away..there is also a female house finch with the same infliction in the yard and I failed to catch her too...so Im kinda bummed out about it~;o(

He is such a beautiful bird...

here's a very healthy female House Finch..thank goodness.

We had a rare treat in the yard this week..no photo to share but a Northern  Bobwhite Quail came streaking through the yard!  We haven't had one around in many years--so that was exciting...HE seemed to be a lone bird and no second sightings so far. And when I went to photograph a grave for a requester I found this pretty tattered Variegated Fritillary  in the cemetery on some wild verbena.  Saw three rabbits and a deer out in the field today!! So wildlife is on the move looking for water I presume and the tender shoots where ever they can find it.





  1. I really can't get over the beautiful colour of your Goldfinch.
    All your images are lovely to see..

  2. Sorry about the Goldfinch.
    The images are very good!

  3. HI Sondra...Your sure have some big drinkers in your area...lol..no "little" big drinkers lol
    Goldfinches are so pretty it is to bad he has this eye problem...I am trying to imagine you trying to catch these birds !!
    Nice photo's and I especially like the last one!!
    Nice to see your post..take care!!

  4. Great captures of the Hummingbirds Sondra.
    A shame about the two poorly birds though. Hope you can catch them.
    The Goldfinch is a beautiful colour.

  5. Great captures for the week.So sleek and beautiful, all of them.

  6. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. Sondra, sorry about the Goldfinch. I had a House Finch with a similar affliction. I had to clean my feeders with bleach so that other birds don't catch it. Here is a link to the Cornell site on Avian Conjunctivitis:
    Hope the heat wave subsides soon!

  8. Beautiful birds in your yard. You really don't need to go further afield with beauties like that visiting you.

  9. Hey Sondra! I wish we had a bumper crop of HB's around these parts. I've got patunias out with the feeders, the whole bit. Just very little action! Love your photos this week, great HB and finch action. I'm wondering how you proposed to capture a goldfinch? That would be quite a worthy project!

  10. Hi Sondra, great photos! I love the pretty goldie and the hummers are always a treat to watch. Have a great day!

  11. Not a bad collection at all if that's what comes to you. The colours on that Goldfinch are so vivid it looks almost surreal.

  12. Lovely group of photos! We're not getting the usual traffic of Hummers here though - don't know why.

  13. Hi there - I really want to be able to see some of these hummers!

    Spent some time in Ohio - but it was mid-winter. Good snow, no hummers! Oh well.

    Cheers Stewart M - Australia

  14. That is too bad about the conjunctivitis! Though I did chuckle at the thought of you running around trying to catch the poor birds... Beautiful hummingbirds!

  15. You have lots of thirsty Hummers and I have a load of greedy Sparrows.

    Best of luck with your efforts to catch the ailing Goldie and Finch.

  16. I've had hummers in the past (female ruby) but haven't seen a one this year... it's so hot they must have gone to cooler climates! Your photos are super... so sad about the conjunctivitis on some of your birds.. it's catching in humans... you don't suppose the house finch and the goldfinch were getting together do you? ;-) (thanks a bunch for stopping by to visit my WBW post)

  17. Beautiful photos. How wonderful to have humming birds in your garden! Sorry about the finches with conjuctivitis

  18. The heat has been horrible. Lucky you to have so many hummers, though. We only ever seem to get 2 and this year they left when it started getting so hot.

  19. nothing wrong with hummers or the others. Butterflies are good too. :)

    Have you seen my Winged "meetingplace"?

    NF Winged

  20. Beautiful birds and flutterby. Bummer about the disease :-(

  21. I am having to refill Hummer feeders every other day!
    Gee...I hate seeing a finch with that dang eye disease. A few years ago I had to stop feeding for a while.:(

  22. I'm sorry about the two birds' eyes. What causes that I wonder?

    Your pictures are beautiful -- and wow I'd like to say I had "just" those beautiful hummingbirds for my drop-in birds.

  23. Great shot of the fritillary!! I haven't seen much of my hummers, but like yours, they are draining the feeders. Our weather hasn't been the greatest, so I'm not going to see much if I'm not out there!! The past few days have been nice, though. Thank goodness.


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