Monday, December 6, 2010

This, That, and the Other-

Its been COLD and windy so a quick walk around the neighborhood with the dogs is as far as I've gotten  the last couple of days.  One thing I love about this time of year is all the dried brush and seed heads,  Im lucky to have a one mile loop to walk its a dirt road and I can take my time. The only thing you have to watch out for is the passing clouds..


When I get to the corner I usually go see my favorite neighbors...I call him the Grey One...

And his buddy the Brown one!  They can really make a ruckous when they have a mind too... HEE HAW-ing

Ive been looking over all my old blogs from way back to 2003 when I kept a Diaryland journal! Then I went to My Space, and from there to Yahoo 360, from there to Mutlitply and then to Blogger--whew thats a lot of blogging--

 I know it will be a huge project but I'm going to copy/paste and save all the entries and eventually PRINT it all out like a daily Journal...I used to blog daily
-realized that up until this blog my  blogging was  about whatever was cooking in what I called my pea sized brain and I had a dual persona named Splinter and ;'ooooh that gal had a temper, she wrote all the rants!! She was just a wee splinter off the old block...

I enjoyed reconnecting with some parts of my life...Some of it was NOT so fun to read and some was SO FUNNY--I was always remarking on HOW cold and windy it was in Brooklyn, (I hated the cold wind, still do) and I was fighting this daily battle of the parking regulations in NY its a living nightmare...and I screwed up on a few was hell to pay or should I say MONEY to pay--I received parking tickets in the amounts of $35 (this is for not putting enough quarters in the meter when I ran in the post office, trust me you dont run in anywhere in NYC and get in and out most especially the post office...omg) $60, (thats for not moving the car on Opposite Sides Day)  $113, (that was for parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant)  $110 (for blocking a pedestrain cross walk...that was buried under 3 feet of blowing snow when I parked) $106 (for being 10 inches over the yellow line -----that means a yellow line marks no parking, the front of my car extended 10 inches over the yellow line-------)

That $106 one was SO funny beCause the little car I drove was registered in my Son's name & address.  Now my son hardly called  then (calls less now)...he was a junior in college at that time....ONE day he called me in the middle of the day and he says "MOM.... I got a letter from the Department of Finance in New York City they say I owe them $106 in unpaid parking tickets!!"  BOY I got a good laugh outta that one...I told him not to worry I was fighting that one, and eventually I got it reduced to $45...when I proved by photographs that the yellow paint was barely visible on that curb---lol (if you can prove its not CLEARLY marked they will give you a break)

NOW you tell me where is that pedestraian crosswalk?  Ummm oh and I got stopped for having NO HEADLIGHT--that was the result of a fender bender so I got the new headlight from a Junk yard, and drove around with it on the seat beside me to show all the cops that pulled me over--[YES I have it but]--if I was in my uniform they usually told me to get it installed asap! 
Every now and then I run across a notation in my old notepad from long ago that reads "MOVE THE CAR TODAY" One day soon Im going to devote an entire blog to my little Hooptie~


  1. Interesting to read about your old blogging places; I used to have one on windows spaces, started back in 2005. I must go have a look sometime lol

    Love the shots of your neighbours :)

  2. Your neighbors are sooooo much cuter than my neighbors!! And having lived in Boston for five years I know all about parking tickets... I remember digging my car out one winter after a major blizzard only to find a $50 ticket for not moving my car from the snow evacuation route.

  3. We have some neighbours who look just like yours, well not near neighbours but within walking distance. Lovely photos of yours!

    It sounds like parking tickets are issued just as indiscriminately there as they are here.

    I am confused (nothing new there!) I thought I had commented on the posts about the old house, Wilma and World Bird Day Wednesday, I definitely read and enjoyed all of them but I can't see any of my comments so think maybe I read all of them late one night and intended to come back and comment but somehow didn't :( Anyway, I thought it was a great shame that the house was burned down and even sadder that it had become so run down.

    I had to laugh about Wilma, I couldn't think where that story was going at first which I suppose was quite apt considering it turned out to be about a Sat Nav!!

    I thought the photos for WBDW were lovely, my favourite was the first.

    The post I definitely haven't seen before is the previous one with the tree reflections in the water, those were stunning! I also loved seeing the Pileated Woodpecker, it looks like it is wearing a little red hat ;)

  4. I started blogging on line briefly at three or four places. When my slow brain couldn't make any site work, I switched to OD whose directions I could understand. OD used to crash often, so I started a mirror blog on Wire, Wire quit and OD kept crashing, so I built another mirror blog on Blogger.....and am still here. I can't say I fully understand how to make it work tho.

  5. You have very cute neighbors.
    Moving out of New York must have been wonderful. I've always figured it to be an interesting place to visit and a horrible place to live.
    Hee Haw!

  6. Granny-I moved out of NY twice--Im a glutton for punishment but that last time was the LAST TIME--lol
    Been there Done That-

  7. Oh Songbird, I see a few comments back there not to worry--sometimes I make a comment and forget to wait for that insane word puzzle to come up and click it off and then realize My comment is not there!! grrr

  8. You take such wonderful pictures. I love your favorite neighbours.


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