Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dixie Dog Has Gone Over the Rainbow Bridge~

                                 In Loving Memory of DixieBell
                                        Feb 1996 - Dec 2010

This is Dixie, she was a Cattle Dog mix, and a spirit full of life,

She endured diabetes for the past 7 yrs. She got insulin shots twice a day - she lost her sight had surgery to restore it 5 yrs ago...after being blind for 6 months, and she always fought the good fight.

She was a member of our family for almost 15 yrs and we will miss her forever.

~Peace my Love I will see you again when it's my turn to cross over the Rainbow Bridge~



  1. Rainbow Ridge -- like it. Looks like Dixie enjoyed a long life with her folk -- never long enough in our minds! She leaves a hole I'm sure! To her memory.

  2. Really sorry to hear that Dixxe.
    They are the best companions anyone could wish for. She will always be in your memories.

  3. Oh, Dixxe, I'm so sorry... BUT I'm sure she's up in doggy heaven having a great time with our other lost pets. It was exactly a year ago that my doggy died.

  4. thank's to all of you for your wishes...Diana, I cant beleive thats been a year already--have you thought of getting another? Dixie Dog lived with my X, but I had joint custody of her---she was always my #1 wonder doggie!

  5. It's always heartbreaking to lose a pet. My heart goes out to you.

  6. My own dear Molly has welcomed her and is sharing her tennis ball..
    I send you a hug.

  7. I'm so sorry you she went on before you. The death of treasured family members is so hard. You have my sympathy. I'm so sorry.


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