Monday, December 20, 2010

Passport to Adventure!

The best thing to do in Winter when its too cold to get out and have an adventure is plan for an adventure!  I keep a journal entitled the Road Less Traveled and its my planning journal...each time I hear of a spot I would love to visit I jot it down in my the left margin I put the state name, and
under that the town or local and then I write in a description of and directions of how to get there!  One state that keeps
popping up in my Journal is Utah.  Ive been traveling to Utah the past 3 years and Ive only just scratched the surface!  I love UTAH...there is so much to see and it's rich in everything from scenic canyons, lakes, and forests to cultural history and prehistoric remains--from Dinosaur relics to freemont art panels, and ancient dwelling ruins!  So in doing some reasearch for "places to explore" I wanted to share a wonderful resource I found.  The Icon up there will take you to the UTAH home page, hover you mouse over Places to See then click on Scenic ByWays and you will find a list of 29 Scenic BYWAYS--those words are like music to my soul ~Scenic Byways~...I just keep repeating that while clicking my ruby red shoes and hope for the best. My BFF had so many problems with family that she says she clicks her ruby reds while repeating "any place but home" I guess thats drastic but I can certainly relate sometimes.

ALL the listed byways are fully linked so you can glean all sorts of INFO from this page for touring Utah and this just hit my top 10 of what to DO-
If you look down to the very last link the 27 Fall Color Scenic Drives--they all look amazing---meanwhile back to reality--

I also just found this Im sure most of you already know about it--I am always the LAST to know everything--- its the Passport to Your National Parks.  Its a fun book that I purchased yesterday when I visited Congaree National Swamp.  (it warmed up to 50 F so off we went) The book is laid out in Regions and contains a spot to have your Passport cancelled with a date stamp and a spot to place a sticker/stamp-of your visit to parks in the region...ex; Southwest region Grand Canyon, or Organ Pipe etc...of course its a money making project the stamp sheets are $4 each and each sheet contains about 8 or 10 stamps and a new page comes out each year around February.  ITS like a real life scavenger

hunt...I did get one and now Im wondering how to get it stamped for the spots I've already visited?  I was able to download a list of addresses for the a possible mailing to ask for a stamp with the date I was there---OR Make my own on my computer, print it out and affix it to my passport? WWYD?  I mean I can't go back and relive the past 40 yrs and with so many places I have yet to set my foot each awaiting my attention I dont think I'll have the time to backtrack--WISH I could start over, like Sinfeld says "have a do over"...

Meanwhile I found the website where I can aquire all the stamps issued since 1986-at Im hoping to get a discount code and Ive written them BEGGING for that code--wonder if I'll get it? I guess you could say this is a Christmas present to moi!

In the past I collected patches then realized my vest was getting so HEAVY with all that extra patchwork it became uncomfortable--lol..
So I kinda stopped with the patches--so this passport booklet seems like the perfect solution to that!
I read it will take more than One booklet to get a stamp from every Park. SO best buy a second book now while they are under $10, and tuck it away for the future!


  1. Just an update on one of my recent posts..This Old House--tonight on the state news channel we saw that The old house is one of 6 that is suspected to be the work of an arsonist--that really ticks me off---that house was a landmark in our community!;o(

  2. I agree with you on Utah - I started flying out there every year 20 years ago, long before I had an RV. There is so much to see I never get tired of it.


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