Friday, September 3, 2010


Hello September!!! and cooler weather..

This morning I was awaken by a LOUD crash!!! The top shelf in my book case cabinet fell!!! SO I had books and a heavy shelf sitting right on top of my fairly new HD TV--YIKES it seems to be ok, not broken but Ill have to work on getting the shelf back was held in place originally by some cheap plastic buttons, I guess I overloaded it a wee bit~~~


Tomorrow we are headed upstate to stay with my sister for the long weekend. I hope we will take a hike in the mountains and we are planning a labor day picnic...We are taking the dogs with us this time...THEY need to learn the ropes of traveling.

Speaking of DOGS...this week we added a new one -well we think she is a keeper...Living where we do unwanted animals get dumped out!! Two yrs ago I had to find homes for 7 puppies that were abandoned and starving!!!! We found homes for 5 and ended up keeping 2 thats my Girlz and I wouldnt take anything for them...IVE been around dogs my whole life the only time I was without a dog is when I was living in NYC for 6 yrs...

SO this week I found this little Jack Russell wandering around, starving, dirty, flea infested, dehydrated, and scared. She is such a sweet little dog. She was standing right in the middle of the road as if she was flagging down some help. "HELP ME IM LOST"... I called her and she snaked over and I put her in the car she lay down and immediately went to sleep..she was exhausted!! So after a bath and a meal she hardly can see where she has had a collar on for a very long time, in fact so long the hair around her neck is rubbed off!! SO who ever had her is guilty of neglect!!! IF she escaped from someone I have no clue where to look, she was in the middle of NO WHERE...This is not a very good photo but she didnt want to pose for I just took what she offered ---a shy leave me alone sort of shot---

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We have been calling her Poco..which is short for un poco or "little bit" in Spanish. I dont think she has been fixed either..SO we have to decide if we are keeping her or are we going to look for a home for her...Anyone out there who wants to give a sweet dog a home, just email me!! Meanwhile after the holiday weekend that starts today--she will have to make a trip to the vet for shots n such since we dont know if she has had any!

I hope all of you have a great Labor Day, Im happy to say goodbye to this summer...I hope Earl is not reeking havoc on any of you...our weather is marvelous right not...LOW humidity ,yesterday we had 89 degrees with 39% humidity it was FABULOUS...I worked outside all morning weeding, mowing, and tiding up the yard ---without getting a heat stroke!!!
Im on a quest now to find a piece of Yard Art to go in the front...I saw these awesome metal sculptures in Glenwood Springs Colorado but of course I couldnt transport that back home and the price tag was WAY outta my range but something along these lines or Something made of STONE...

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9-16 012


  1. What a lovely little dog. It really angers me when I see such cruelty and neglect like that.
    She certainly looks happy in the picture. She knows she's safe and loved now.

  2. She is so lucky to have found you - you're really a special person.

  3. Oh Dixee, she is gorgeous! I'm so glad you found her and I do hope you are able to keep her. I don't think anything angers me more than cruelty and I adore dogs and could never be without them, such loyal creatures!

    Love the garden art, I hope you find something affordable...and transportable :) Hope you get the shelf back up too!

  4. Side Note: When we went to my sisters the neighbor saw this dog and immediately wanted to keep her when we told her the story of how we found her...They kept her about a year and she ended up being too "barky" for the neighborhood, very tight together she went to live with their daughter who has more space and she is doing really well.


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