Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dog Gone Good Weekend!

Back home again after the long weekend...It seemed short tho to me!! BUT now I'm having major trouble trying to remember what day it is!! This seems like Monday to me. BIG news is I took the little rescue dog Poco with me when I went to my sisters and the next door neighbor Adopted her!!! So now she is sleeping in the bed with their daughter---and has a brand new GOOD home!!! I was so thrilled I guess it was meant to be! Now that leaves me in good shape to offer help to some other dog who might be having a hard time--sometimes LIFE is so rewarding.

 We took our dogs, now 2 yrs old on their first big road trip(3 days and 2 nights) ...they were so GOOD!--they sat in the back seat like polite visitors, and they got along really well with their Cousin Indie-- we took them hiking and on a family picnic which they enjoyed very much!! Its hard to take photos while holding onto 2 dogs but I managed a couple, it was a perfect day for hiking along the stream and then up to the lake!!!

This is Cousin Indie she is a 10 yr old lab/chow mix she loves the water!! 

And Annie ^ & Flossie > resting at the top of the trail by the lake-

e found this strange fungi- IT looks like a sea sponge, but its quite firm to the touch almost like plastic!! Any ideas on what it is exactly? I poured over many pages of photos on the web but came up empty! 

Photo Missin!


  1. Maybe I have cauliflower on the brain but perhaps this is a cauliflower mushroom? Perhaps. It will be interesting to see what others say.

  2. Don't know what it is, but it sure is beautiful. So happy for Poco!

  3. Great news for little Poco, to get such a loving home at last.

    Lovely shot of the flowing water; and good to hear the dogs all got on so well, and had a good time.

  4. Thank you Cicero after checking out the Califlower mushroom, I think you are right! It is sometimes called Brain Fungus, and its edible~ amazing right?


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