Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wild n Sweet!

YOU cant kill these kids we used to swing through the trees like Tarzan on the vines! But since my swinging days are over now I use these wild grapes for Jelly! We have Fox, Muscadines, & Scuponong grapes growing wild here... you can't train them or domesticate them don't even bother trying--these grow where they want to grow!!

ath6 001

So we picked a bowl full and made up 13 jars of jelly, we ate the odd one right
just in case**

Wild Grapes

The Fox are the smaller darker grape, and its sweeter too.

Wash the Grapes
Christmas is coming so....Im sure everyone on my list is getting a jar!

Grape Jelly

We also mixed up some apple juice with the 2 cups of jelly pulp we had left over and made some low sugar apple/grape Jelly
I made up this image for a label to put on the jars!!

HomeMade Jelly


  1. Looks yummy - and that's a pretty snazzy label too!

  2. mmmmm, looks tasty.
    Love the label too.

  3. Hi Dixxe, it's great to be visiting you again :)

    That looks delicious and I love the label, you are so artistic!

    I loved the last post too, the photos were stunning. As for the Humming Bird...WOW!!


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