Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Upstate Trip...

Today I drove 150 miles north to my sister's for dog sitting again! It was a beautiful day for traveling--and I saw many campers on the road of every size, and kind! This one caught me by surprise when I came up behind it, At fist its hard to see the small car towing it! You can see by the road sign this was about an hr away from my destination, traveling on I-26 West.

On my last trip up here I purchased a book called WaterFall Hikes of Upstate SC by Thomas E. King. I thought it would be fun to try and see as many of these waterfalls as I can when I'm in the vicinity of last time I marked off Twin Falls on page 194, and today I marked off Cedar Shoals on the Reedy River, page 216.

 I tried to find the Pelham Falls in Pelham..but unfortunately, urban sprawl has made the directions in the book, null n void, so Ill try again tomorrow...when its not rush hr and I can stop and make u-turns and all that other annoying stuff that we out of towners --I have visited many other waterfalls while in the upstate, so I have to go through the book and cross them off...This one was easy it was right off the highway..but it was on PRIVATE property so I didnt go down to the waters edge..BUT I was tempted!!

When I looked closely at this photo I saw the turtle family sunning on the rock in front of the little step fall there...what a neat place to live eh?

Another one visited!


  1. Your pictures are so clear and crisp. Great blog.

  2. That looks a good place to explore.
    Managed to see the turtles lol

  3. Keith...they were barely there..I didnt know they were there at all till I put the photo on my computer so I zoomed in to see them~

  4. Dixxe. You must come to the Pacific Northwest. We have some waterfalls that will really get your inner photog excited.

  5. my inner photog...I LIKE ThAT!

  6. Yes, great shots! I love the turtles. You must be the best sister in the world! (Other than my own, of course...)

  7. I just realized today that my sis depends on me quite a lot...but she makes up for it in mannnny ways.


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