Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Resource

(This is a test post trying the "post by email" option.  Ive attached one photo and Im very curious to see if that comes through and where it will be posted?)
Now for the post...
My Sis sent me a link to this terrific website!  For those of you who love to photograph arches this website is a wonderful tool to bookmark! I even found an arch in SC that I hope to visit.
The website is terrific & simple to use...complete with links to every state and maps with directions. 
The Natural Arch and Bridge Society, I wish I could visit every arch!  My sister and I have sort of been visiting as many arches as we can when I visit her...BUT its invaluable information like the NABS website publishes that helps one find the off the beaten track sites!! Many of the arches listed are just that, one I would love to see is a 35 mile backpack trip into Paria Canyon to Lee's Ferry, JUST imagine what a trip that would be--DONT even know if could still carry a backpack, but without our dreams to carry us forward where would we be? 
Another great find along with this website with all the arches and natural bridges is Topo Quest!  I'm probably the last one to know about this, but I just didnt know!! I have a stash of large topo maps that covered the areas where we did backpacking trips, they are great, nice maps waterproof and all, but they are BIG!
I guess now there is an APP for a Blackberry to bring up these Topo Maps -wow imagine that...Not having to refold a large map and sometimes I get confused trying to read topo maps...BUT better to have than not to have when you are in the wilderness.
So Now Ill post this and see how it came out, hope it did cause this was pretty easy to do!  Maybe I would Blog more often if it was easier.  Im going to insert a photo here and see if it is located here when its posted.


  1. Looks like it worked pretty good!

  2. Thanks for the link on the arches - that will come in handy. You are not the last person to hear about Topo Quest, but then I am technically challenged, despite having a blog.

  3. Im quite impressed with the Email entry-the photos and links came through and the last photo which is hosted, came out exactly where I placed it, but its kinda small..that was my error, SO cool to know its possible to do a blog via email and its not all screwed

  4. Wow, that's quite an arch. Beautiful!


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