Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Posters Arrived

Im so excited about the posters!! They arrived yesterday afternoon!!

I purchased them from an online poster printer called Short Run Posters
The big deal here is the price--the posters cost me $2.00 each!! YES I said $2.
The other deal is the shipping-you can order 1 OR 21 and the shipping is $10. They arrived rolled in a good sturdy cardboard tube---great to store them in too until I have Gallery
So I figured I would order at least 10 and thats what I did...I chose 10 of my favorites. That means my final cost is $3.33 per poster including the shipping charge..if I had ordered 20 posters It would have been even less!! I wish now I had taken the time to resize and pick out 10 more!!! But I wanted to be sure the quality was worth my trouble first.
The quality is very good for this price!! (you cant print these at home for 2 bucks! and you would have to have a large size printer to print this size)

For the best results you need to have high resolution files I resized mine to actual size of 18" x 24" at resolution of 300. The files were pretty big but in order to get a good looking poster you really should do this...they say at least 150 dpi is preferred so the bigger the better! At first I had mine at 480 dpi and it was taking too long to upload even at the library on the high I resized them again to 300 and that put them in the 20-30 MB range file size.
YOU can place you order online and then mail in your photos on a CD rom--so there are many ways to order!!

They also will take your photos from Flickr, I do have a Flickr account..but I wasnt sure if the photos would be as sharp if they pulled them off my Flickr since I usually resize them before uploading to Flickr--

SO I uploaded them directly to the website very simple to do--placed my order and they printed and shipped them right away-if you have multiples you can upload, save and return later and add more before placing your order!

The reason I want posters is my son moved into an apartment and he asked me to frame up some photography for him...(like it grows on trees?) So I wanted to be able to do this for him, but Im on a very tight budget so I went looking for a cheap way to do it...NOW Ive got to find cheap ways to matt and frame--I have found if I buy some off the rack artwork, its cheaper than buying a frame alone--so I am going to have a look today for frames. He selected 2 posters he likes--I will try to remember to take photos of the finished framed project!!

I have started painting again....been a while since I was excited about painting again...I really have to purchase some oil paints the acrylics are great for a fast clean up but they dont blend the way Oils do...Here is my latest 2 finished ones...these Frames are Virtual -
I've decided to get enough done to have an artsale!! I gotta raise more income without taking a 9-5 Im using the Law of Attraction---and its worked for the past 3 yrs-
Here are the two new paintings..

Star Runner
Star Runner 11 x14 acrylic on stretched canvas sold Unframed

Over the Rise-F

Over the Rise a landscape 18 X 24 acrylic on stretched canvas
Sold Unframed


  1. Those posters look great; and good value too.

    Enjoyed your latest paintings, especially Star Runner.
    Good luck with the art sale.

  2. I really like the photos you picked and it looks like they did a great job of printing them. Now - if I only had some wall space!

  3. Wow! What a deal. Your son will be thrilled! You might try thrift stores for frames. I've had good luck there.


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