Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Things to Come

HEY this is FUN
a collage of some of my images from last spring n summer-

Today im at the library on high speed uploading photos to a site that prints cheap posters of your photos or artwork! Ill let you know if they are any good for those who may wish to have a poster made--
Its been busy the last few sister from Colorado came to visit for a week...we did not make a side trip this time she wanted to hang out at not much to tell except we had great visit and she helped me catch up on some of those 2 people chores I had I got a huge load of manure to spread over the back yard and I did spread it...NOT looking too good at the moment but I have high hopes of lush green grass in the future!!
Went to Lowes this morning and found a few bargains in the garden center--some annual plants marked 1/2 price!!
One great thing was my sis wanted me to get The Secret at the library and I did...we all listened to it together and it was quite interesting. Ive acutally been using this method without realizing it for many areas of my life but in others I wasnt...if you're not familiar with the premise..its simply the Law of Attrraction--by attracting what we want into our lives by merely thinking of it!! HEY miracles happen every day...I wanted some showy flowers and didnt want to pay full price...and whatddaa ya know Lowes had them 1/2 price--first you have to ask the Universe for what you want, you have to believe it will come to you, and you have to receive it when it does!!
Simple right?
Well this is not much of an update, sort of been doing more listening than talking, more reading than writing, more finding than seeking...hope all of you are thinking abundance and receiving!
Happy Spring!!


  1. Love that collage Dixxe; very colourful.

    Hmmm, have to give this positive thinking a go......

  2. Love the collage and I'm with you on the power of positive thinking. I've felt all my life that opportunities came when I needed them. Sometimes the trick is knowing they are opportunities and grabbing them.

  3. So your sister comes to visit and you get her to help you spread manure... Hmmm... You may not see her again for awhile.

    Love the collage and am interested in how you like the poster site.

    Happy Spring to you too!

  4. A lovely collage of your photos. Great colour. I'm hoping my daughter will come for a visit next month to help me with some of that two people stuff, lol. Glad you had a good time with your sister.


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