Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring is Marching On...


...the now famous manure pile..
Its quite fantastic really---there is the fresh side then there is the completely composted side...
I got as big a load as my shoulders agreed to shovel and that amounted to 10 of my wheel barrow loads when I unloaded it. I also got some of the fresh stuff just for the straw..its easy to shake out the unwanted horse "apples"...Ive been told Im bi-polar with my visions of granduer---VISIONS of LUSH GREEN GRASS and plants is what Im hoping for I think you can figure out what this shot is all about--lol

I know this may seem like a not so hot blog topic but for me its like a gold mine--
This is one of my grandma's Irises...I dug them from her TN yard long ago...she passed away back in the 70's but her Irises are as beautiful as ever!!

I have brought 4 of my trailer loads in so far and I plan to get more...but it will have to wait Im headed off to dog sit for Indy---its going to be sort of strange without Spanky there. I do plan to take some side trips and hike to and photograph some waterfalls...I hope each will be gushing with water!! The weather promises to be awesome...

So I will catch up/update from Greenville I leave on Saturday!!

Hope all of you are having a great SPRING!!


  1. I can see and smell the goodness in that.
    I used to do a garden quite a few years ago for an old lady in the village I lived in then. Everything was done organically. Hard work, but the results very rewarding.

  2. It looks like gold to me. Love the "booties", lol. Lovely Iris.


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