Monday, March 29, 2010

Fertile Thoughts--

What I liked about the full moon last evening was the clouds! We did have some heavy rain about 3 am...but I was out shooting the moon earlier....about 8 pm. It was quite pleasant-- but I heard 4 tornados hit our state last night! (SC)

Night Sky

My grass is growing pretty good...the manure is doing the trick but I want more..its an excellent resource--I used to have my own horses but now Im horseless and I miss that free fertilizer!! So lucky for me I happen to live in a town that has a race horse training center.. as a young girl I worked there myself riding horses--wow those were the good ole days..but anyways that means HUGE piles of free manure all you have to do is come and get it!! I will try to remember to take photos of the "pile" when I go again...gotta let it dry out some first after that rain last night!! Here is a few shot of some horses out exercising on the track--didnt come out too good, but it was my little pocket P&S and a one shot deal--lol
If I wasnt so fond of sleep I could get up early and really catch the track filled with activity...but I did my time rising at 5 am and galloping horses by sun-up-glad I did that while I was young, I dont think Id be wanting to do that now!

I want to "beef" up the sandy soil in my garden plot and my flower beds, Im convinced its the poor sandy soil that is giving me poor results for all my hard work!

I sold some software on Ebay---for $80. Ebay charged me $9.90 in sales commissions, Pay Pal charged me $2.77 for their part, then I spent $12.95 to ship the item....WOW the middle man is making a killin dont you think??? Meanwhile Im wondering if it was worth the trouble??

I got an email alerting me that my posters have shipped...I cant wait to see how they came out...Ill post that link if they are worthy--and give them a plug!!
Hope all of you are enjoying the spring weather!! My best friend in AZ is looking for a new grand baby any day now...their family name is Price...and his name will be Vincent--
How bout that!!


  1. The shot of the moon, and the last part about the new grand babies name, go perfectly together lol

    I bet visits to the race horse training centre bring back some good memories.

    E-bay is getting so expensive now, with all the 'fees'. I used to sell quite a bit of stuff on there a few years ago, but it hardly seems worthwhile these days.

  2. Wow, free horseshit! Some people have all the luck... Love your moon picture.

  3. are so right about ebay--I purchased this software and paid plenty for it, then realized I really didnt use it--
    and YES there will be another Vincent Price added to this world SOON in fact too soon he was not due until May but Dr says he is gonna be early!

    Diana--YES I'm hoping to get one of these cattle ranchers to give me free access--BOY my tamaters will be as big as bowling balls!!


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