Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DNA of the SiSter

Last night we had an inch of snow morning it had melted---old man winter is trying very hard to hold on, but Mother Earth will turn and before you know it she will ride her orbit to the Spring Equinox and there will be no more handle for Mr. Winter to grasp, he will have no choice but to relent!! The birds will be nesting and the flowers will pop up--and the bees will come and days will grow longer--its a sure bet!!


Meanwhile...the Moon has been fabulous this week! I took my scope out on the deck to check it out but it was so bright I couldnt look at it--So I used my binoculars instead and once again SHE WOWED ME--our sister the Moon--I always look up and smile and think --"there's my moon again."

M-O-O-N ~that spells Moon! (from the Stand)

She is so connected to us--not just sharing our orbit but our very DNA.

I've been making frequent visits to Goodale lake because on 2 occassions as I drove past the back side of the lake on my way home Ive seen an Eagle soaring and then the other day he was sitting in one of the Cyprus trees! Naturally when I get my car stopped and grab my "car" camera he is always gone or soaring up so HIGH I cant even get the camera to focus on him (could be a her) so the other day I stopped but no Eagle just this awesome reflection to bring back for my time-

~Reflection is reality upside down~

It looks good in any color!

Silence is golden

Hope all of you are well--Im currently working on yet another work at home project the cardboard swatch project as I did in the fall last yr. So its very boring work, but Im listening to audio books to keep my mind busy while my hands do the work.
Sue Henry is one of my favorite mystery authors she bases her books in Alaska and her main characters are Jessie Arnold an Alaskan musher and Maxie an 63 y.o. Alaskan RV'er not unlike some of the very interesting people who I know here on Blogger who are RV'ers. Maxie always travels with a dog named Stretch and they always find a great mystery to solve....
Another book I am listening to is People of the Earth by Micheal & Kathleen Gear--a wonderful historical fiction story based on early North American legend and life of hunters emerging to gatherers The authors are archaeologists! Fascinating stuff!!


  1. I like Sue Henry's books too. And I also noticed the moon the other night, but was too lazy to go out and take a picture. I love yours with the twigs in the corner. Great shots!

  2. Those pictures are fantastic! Bowled me over. I liked what you said about the moon and our connection.

  3. Lovely post Dixxe. I think spring has burst upon us over here. The sun has been shining for a week, and the birds are getting frisky. lol
    That reflection shot is beautiful. Looks like a great lake to visit and spend some time.

  4. WOW! Incredible photos again Dixee, so artistic.

    It has been very cold here again the last few days with a vicious wind, Winter hasn't quite lost its grip on us!


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