Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Rock

In my last post you saw a bit of winter but that lasted only 2 days then it was gone with warmer tempts and that always makes me wanna go somewhere! Got in the car and headed to a spot we call 40 acre rock..not to be confused with 40 acre woods! This is a landmark in these parts and it is now owned by the SC Hertiage Land Trust and as such is at least protected from development...but not from vandals. For some odd reason teens have always wanted to spray "I love Stacy" or "Stacy Loves Brad" all over this rare is acutally 1 huge rock 17 acres large!

The wonderful thing about it is not just a different type terrain with the huge rocks but the plants that live in the water pools---they are rare to this area.

The forest service was there doing a controlled burn so we had to endure the smoke meaning I didnt hike over to the stream and waterfall cause the woods were on fire--but I scrambled around the rock and took some photos...Mom sat and admired the view it is a bit over 1/2 mile walk to the rock...

On the way home we passed an old farm complete with a rusty barn...
I used an HDR processing on this shot--sometimes enjoy doing that..
I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of winter!


  1. That's a huge rock!
    Beautiful colours of the plants in the pools.
    Love that last shot too, of the barn. Great processing on it.

  2. Perfect choice for the HDR - I think old buildings and rusty stuff is best suited for it.

  3. You have some very impressive scenery where you are Dixxe and these photos show it to perfection!

    Your previous snow post looked a lot like what we saw over here for so long this Winter but provided you with some great photo opportunities. I particularly liked the one where your 'girlz' are running along the track.

    The 'Twilight' post was incredible, most impressive! You are very talented :)

  4. When I saw the title of this post "The Rock" I had to smile. That's what this island I live on is affectionately called. What interesting photos you have here.


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