Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twilight Photography-

ITS been very cold and if not cold and windy, then rain--other areas are having record snow fall! This winter has provided some challenges. Getting out with the camera when your hands are freezing is not very pleasant!! I think the desert rats have the right idea right about now!! But there was that one night I decided to brave the cold and took a drive over by the Power Substation and snapped these shots! Im usually photo-shopping power lines, telephone poles, and other bits of urbanization, out of my photos....but this time I went in search of it!! Its very heavily forested where I live so just finding an opening in the canopy is a challenge (cant see the forest for the trees sort of). The western sun was lighting my way to the substation--

Follow the power lines:


 These towers looked pretty snazzy against that twilight blue sky-- 

 Over by the airport there is a large tract of open area..and a good sunset can be seen from here..


 Not far away is my target the substation---the power grid-- 


 The air was cooling off the bit of warmth of the day and there was ice still on the trees so the fog rolled

 in on my way back home---

 I want to learn how to do some star trails...maybe when it gets warmer!

Good Night,,,

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  1. I love the way the road curves in the first picture. Beautiful!


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