Monday, February 1, 2010

February Walk with the Girlz

We had an ice strom here over the weekend..its gone now but still cold. Mom has gone to spend 2 weeks with my SIS up in the foothill country...the same one I dog sit for...she is happy to get some time away and Im happy for the solitude--something I enjoy very much, although I miss her a LOT! The girlz miss her too!!

So I went out with my camera and took the girlz for their walk..they both got so much mud on them I had to wash their feet in a tub of warm water when we got IT just wouldnt come off otherwise..and these girlz come inside the house at night and we have some carpet so they endured the footbath!! (wish someone would give me a footbath*g*) So we brought back some photos--first I caught this Northern Cardinal-

and American Goldfinch

 Then we headed out to photograph the ice--

 Later the sky brightened....

ice bokeh

The way back home.. 

 We headed up Timber Creek of my favorite walks its about 3 miles round trip a bit much for the girlz but I got caught up in taking lots of photos so they got a chance to rest!

Flickr Ate My Photos 

  Oh boy~ she's taking another picture! 

 We had a great walk and they napped after dinner...then I went out again to catch the sunset, because its hard to find open space among the forest...I head to the right of way for a long shot of the sunset and the rising fog on this very cold night!!

  I have more of my twilight sunset shots but will save them for next time. WOW its February already-time is flying~ and daylights a burning~ Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Beautiful shots - I especially like the goldfinch and the one with the water (or ice?) drops.

  2. Ice storm, brrrr, bet that was cold!
    Lovely shots of the Country Lane, Timber Creek Road and the sunset,with rising mist. Looks like a beautiful walk.
    The American Goldfinch is a little beauty too.

  3. Wonderful shots. The colours are amazing.

  4. Beautiful Photos Dixxe! The American Goldfinch in your photo looks very much like our female Chaffinch.

    I do love your 'girlz', they are gorgeous!
    I'm sure they enjoyed the walk as much as you did.

    On previous posts I also loved the Hawk and the beautiful 'Redheads'!

    Enjoy your moment of solitude :)


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