Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Signs--of spring---

The weekend gave us something we rarely get SNOW! We usually get ice or sleet but this time it was just white fluffy snow! The girlz and I had fun going out in the morning while it was still fresh and brisk. They had a great run all over the place and I took photos!! So here's what we brought back-- IT started about 3 pm in the afternoon and by nightfall a white blanket had been laid all around the house...the girls needed a P-break so I let them out you can see the tracks headed under the magnolia tree-

  Then in the morning we headed out early--the road was covered as was all the trees!

                                               Waiting on my Valentines to Arrive....


 But Spring is only a couple weeks away!! I got my latest copy of the Arizona Highways magazine and this issue was mostly dedicated to the wild flowers that will soon be emerging in the warm desert areas---I would LOVE to see that for myself--- Hope the last blows of winter are kind to everyone!! The snow melted yesterday-- we had rain!! My son is coming over today for a belated Birthday celebration!! Veggie Lasagna and

 chocolate/carrot cake-

The Big Oak dressed in snow

 The big oak out back---never looked happier!


  1. Great snow shots Dixxe, and the girlz really look like they're enjoying it all.

    Hope the Birthday celebration goes well.

  2. Glad to see someone enjoying the snow! Love the shots.

  3. I didn't realize how much I have missed your photograhy and writing. The snow is always more beautiful in pictures...we haven't had any to speak of this year, and I am about to get my tires changed back into summer skin.
    Be well, Dixxe. C ya.



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