Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi Im back at my sis's dog sitting for the old boy yet again...he is much closer to completing his circle than the last time I saw him at Christmas--but I'm not feeling sorry for him, he will soon know the secrets of the other side---

The weather is gloomy...again! It seems every time I come this way its either raining or threatening or tottering on the brink of down right miserable! The drive up was a bit different this time since a 15 mile section of the main highway is closed and there is a detour involved--Just that word detour makes my spine kind of tingle ---for that means highways unknown, towns unheard of, and time either wasted or enjoyed. It conjures up thoughts of chillers seen on late night tv, the innocent traveler the evil laying in wait--THE DETOUR---(insert spooky music here.)

But a detour can be enjoyed if you have ooodles of time to spare, wasted if you're hoping to stay on schedule...I craned my neck and yearned to stop and take pictures of the old house that could easily be the haunted house in the next Friday 13th movie...but I didnt have time to dally--I also wanted to pull over at the old freight train station and take a photo of the lovely mural someone had painstakingly painted--- but the clock was ticking--and then I wanted to pay a visit to the el'junque shop I spied on the left...but daylight was burning!! Then there was the huge RedTail perched at the very tip-top of a mature bare limbed pecan tree staring out over the Interstate looking more regal than any King Ive seen admiring his court...but I was in the wrong lane--- he faded into my rear view mirror as I sliced through time at 75 mph and he became a part of my past.

... moving at a slower pace, now wouldn't that be a hoot?

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