Saturday, January 9, 2010


~oh boy this is boring~

My girlz have been getting kinda bored----Brrr...still under that blast of cold air, last night it was 18 and today it got up to 36-F which it still is. I bundled up and took them for a pretty warm in my knee length down coat. I purchased that coat when living in NY..didnt really think I'd be wearing it here but I pulled it out and it keeps me nice and warm!!

BOY--Ive been fighting that Virus and the peripheral damage it caused to my computer since Christmas Eve--- IF Only I had known I could have gone to and downloaded the free malware software and it would have rid my PC of the Trojans. I actually had 2 but I think they came onboard together!! I didnt realize at first that I had one...but I noticed while searching I was being redirected every time to some off the wall place- then I realized I couldnt run any of my virus had been disabled! I ended up taking it in and having the hard drive scrubbed...and windows reinstalled but---when I reloaded my saved files the Trojans were in there!! and they reinfected my after that I went searching for a way to get rid of it!! NOT only did it disable most of my programs it affected my monitor which was driving me nutz.
I did everything I could think of--finally found a forum online in Microsoft help...and one fellow directed readers to Malwarebytes. Went there ran the scan and found I had 11 files infected!! The trojans had changed my registry, changed permissions, and all sorts of "Evil" back door stuff had taken place.
So finally I have my system back -- So far --"knocks on good wood"..
I know thats kinda boring but maybe someone else will need this information..
The trojans that were hidden were hiding here
Hkey_local machine\system\currentControlSet\Services\pyktqgfy
the other was here
C:\Doucments and Settings\emachine\sytklb.exe
emahcine is my computer name yours will be different.
It changed all sorts of security issues, set up all sorts of autostarts...and just took over!!
After I got rid of it, I went to Emachines and downloaded the driver that was missing and got my monitor issue settled! WHEWWW it was a hard battle but I won in the end.
Now I can focus on the little things in life again---like walking my dogs, having fun with my camera, drawing, and trying to meddle in my sons!!

Sometimes you have to focus on the little things in life

Crazy Like a Fox!

Tomorrow I'm headed over to see my Sons new apartment which is only new to him its in a older neighborhood on Devine street near downtown Columbia, SC ...he is no longer sharing...I think he's had enough of room mates and the "college" type life style..finally--- he is 28!! So Im headed over arms full of those little things that make a house a home, like towels, shower curtains, place mats, trash cans and other do dads and do hickeys!! I'm planning to use those Chili's Gift Cards and enjoy lunch with JT and Iris!

Young Hearts


  1. So glad you eventually sorted your computer. Quite a battle! Bookmarked that site.....just in case.

    Love that shot of the girls. They look so fed up waiting to go out lol

    Good luck and best wishes to your son in his new home.

  2. Thank you so much for the details on the virus. It sounds like I had exactly the same thing. Got redirected on Google, and couldn't run my antivirus program. I don't really know how I got rid of mine, but if it comes back, I'll know what to do.

  3. Your dogs are lovely. Is that your son and his girlfriend in the last photo? A very handsome couple.


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