Monday, June 8, 2009

Body Beautiful

Art comes in many forms! The human body can be a canvas. If you have read my blog before you know my son is into fitness & body building! He does not take drugs to get the body he has he works hard....he diets and he has what so many of us lack...discipline! So this past Saturday he competed in his 4th exhibition and he looked fantastic.
He was in the Light Heavy Weight division this year he weighted in at 209 he is 5'11" tall. Congrats on a great show son!


  1. You must be very proud of him Dixxie.
    He certainly has more 'discipline' than me.

  2. I am very proud!! When he was in Jr High School he got quite chubby and he didnt grow tall till he was nearly 16yrs I think he got self conscious of his size at that by the time high school and college rolled around he was into working out and it became a life style for him.


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