Monday, June 15, 2009


Curious Deer

Mincy Marmot!

WOW its so hot! We are melting in humidity~ Literally. Just an hour ago we had the tiniest rain show...only made the humidity worse..but it was enough to water my flowers & garden. This weekend Im headed up to my birth state for a visit and hopefully weather allowing some hiking, birding, and just plain fun! We have reserved 3 nights at the Inn of Fall Creek Falls State Park in the beautiful state of Tennessee! My family has old connections with this park since much of the land was owned by the Walling family from which I came. They were NOT wealthy people, most of them were moonshiners and farmers...and the land was sold to the Federal Govt for as low as $1 per acre! Even though that was really not a fair price, Im glad this land was procured and made into a State Park...I cant imagine this area NOT being protected! The photos are from last fall's trip up. My father is buried in the family cemetery located just outside the parks entrance...that bit of land remains in the family hands, so we will be visiting him on Fathers Day.

So I probably wont see these exact critters, these are from last yr... Ill be posting current shots. ITS a wonderful place to visit. There is a whole set on Flickr of my trip last fall...the leaves were awesome...but we had a lot of rain so misty, and damp was the word. We are hoping for better weather this time.

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  1. Had a look at the link Dixxe, and your set on Flickr, 20,000 acres; that's some park!
    It looks superb. Those Autum colours are amazing.
    I'm sure you'll have a really good time.


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