Friday, April 24, 2009

THE Future!

Wow its getting quite warm, yesterday it was 80 degrees, today 90!..I took my bike for yet a longer ride, Im up to 5 miles a day now without any problems--except DOGS!..Yesterday it was a pack of 4...and 2 of them were quite large!..HUGE in fact. When I looked back over my shoulder all I saw was TEETH...must develop a new strategy.
My friend and I walk together some evenings, we take our dogs, on a leash..and we enjoy a good chat...recently her toe became infected!..She had no idea why..but she sent me a message and she will be ready to start walking again this weekend. So Im looking forward to getting back to Walking dogs instead of being chased by them!

Im planning my vacation-s for this year...and my sister who lives in the Rocky Mountains area says she wants to hook up and lets go I know I will be going to Aspen, CO and driving from there down to the Navajo Indian Reservation and visiting Monument Valley as well as many of the other fantastic spots in the deserts between Flagstaff AZ, and Albuquerque NM. We also hope to get in a 1/2 day water cruise and hike to the Rainbow Bridge via Lake Powell in Southern Utah. IM SO excited! Those of you who read my blog know I love the desert and feel a connection to it that goes beyond normal...almost abnormal or maybe paranormal.

NO Date has been set..but its just the best to know I will soon be back in the land Im so enchanted with. I wont be visiting Mesa Verde I had the pleasure of spending time there on a previous trip to the area. There is so much to see, its hard to see it all in one trip. Last time I also visited the Little Colorado Navajo Reservation, the Four Corners Monument, the Ute Indian Reservation, Cameron, and The Grand Canyon!... Yes that's me looking sort of silly in that started to rain, and well...

I am currently working on some seasonal artwork for Halloween!..BOO~ simple things that I hope will be purchased to help me keep my travel plans on the front burner!.. I will post some of that work when its finished.
Happy Blogging to all.

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  1. That sounds like a great vacation coming up. Mountains and deserts; something about mountains that fire my mind.
    Look forward to the pictures


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