Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sandhills Nat'l Wildlife Refuge --no labor at all!

2 posts in almost as many days? What's going on? Anyways yesterday we went to Sandhills NWLR.  We really are fortunate to have a state park and a wildlife refuge within a few miles of our home! It wasn't too hot so off we went--the hope was to see wildflowers and butterflies..we saw some of each a bit too early for the full force of the wildflowers and the butterflies seemed to be having tequila shots or something they were so buzzed they wouldn't sit still...but Mom has to pack today she is headed to my sisters for 2 it was now or 2 weeks from now and we decided to do both What the heck!

the lillies are in bloom so little white dots along the edges of the ponds..the water was so warm...a footsoak was in order Mom sure enjoyed it--

Little shiners came to nibble at her I was busy photographing the wildflowers weeds and such while she soaked...

                                   Tall Iron-Weed 

Joe Pye Weed


                                                       Eastern Kingbird


                                                           Button Bush really cute


imm. Broad-winged hawk?, sailed over...  


                                                            autumn sneeze-weed!

This was my favorite shot of the day!!

I always make a mistake trying to I'd dragonflies...this could be a Blue faced Meadow-hawk---i think

here's more of him..

more sightings included....


buckeye butterfly

                                                               eastern fence lizard female

Got a pretty good look at some blue grosbeaks and one posed for a somewhat distant photo..his breeding color fading a bit now to drab I am digging his big beak tho!


The water level was down meaning Waders --  I'm calling this an immature little blue? You got the green legs, and the dusty grey tips on the wings, and its the right size!

Just so you can see how vast the landscape is...

I caught a glimpse of an egret near the backside of one of the ponds...and then I saw she was not alone..

 Pretty far away but I think that is her this yrs chick with her and they are traveling with a domestic duck they def. were all 3 together! They moved around as one unit not getting too far from each other...sorry the whites are so blown out...I'm still trying to figure out this camera..I am NOT a fan of digital buttons!! I'd rather have analog for that--one button for F-stops one for SS, etc..the good ole days but the film I can do love the digital format for that!  Anyways this is like the incredible was 2 dogs and a cat right? How cool is that??

Then we carried on into a different area of the park...stopped to check on a few other sites..

Mom looking for more wildlife...once in the forested area I spotted this...and please do convince me it is a willow flycatcher cause that would be a new lifer for me!

not great crisp shots as he was high up in the tree...but here is what I see: Un-remarkable eye-ring,  whitish throat, orangey color to the slender beak, has some pale wing bars, buffy-breast, notched tail, and that flycatcher hair-do!

I took several here is one more...

I put it on Ebird they will probably scream at me...but so be it!
Safe Travels on Labor Day!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You really had some wonderful sightings. Your mom must bring you luck. I can't verify your ID since we forgot all our bird books at home. But I'm sure you're correct. ;-D

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence Barb!

  2. Looks like your mom got one of those new foot treatments and it didn't cost a dime. Nice day you both had great shots.

  3. Majorly jealous of that grosbeak! Lots of pretty shots here, I love the funny white threesome. I'm not sure about the flycatcher- was it calling? That usually helps.

    1. It was calling Jen, but I was so excited I wasn't listening! SO far Ebird has not disagreed--hope they don't cause I want it Bad!

  4. Have to update this...the Ebird police began questioning me as If I has shot the last Willow Flycatcher in SC. I sent photos, they responded "did you hear the call" I responded NO because the car motor and AC were running so that's all I heard. Then he responds back "what did the call like?" OKAY HELLO... its obvious to me someone has ADD or something akin to it...I just did what I did last time removed my list from searches. They take all the fun out of more listing on Ebird period!! HE asked why i didnt call it a Trailliis Complex? duh because THAT is NOT on their species list!!! OR maybe its just this one guy for my area he is a nut case! I answered his questions why I decided it was a Willow, due to the small eye ring on top of the eye,,,and the deep notch in tail compared to all photos I could find in books I have and online it favored more the I chose accordingly!! He completely disregarded all that info...and kept insisting I had to hear the call...well I didn't excuse me...I still have way to much NYC in me---
    But I got way to many battles in progress to take on one more! I just stopped responding to his emails...gee if you're not gonna read my response then why bother?

  5. Your photos are exquisite!! Glad you had a day out. I know how much your mom appreciates it!


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