Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ants in my Pants!

Back in June when I went tripping, I told y'all I followed the SC Heritage Corridor, here is the blurb from the webpage:

The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) was designated by Congress in 1996 as a National Heritage Area (a program of the National Parks Service). Stretching 17 counties and 320 miles across South Carolina, the SCNHC is committed to promoting and preserving the cultural, natural and historic resources of South Carolina. 

The best part about it is the old is preserved although there may be some strip malls on the outskirts of each town and a Walmart tossed in here and there mostly its the old way of life still going on...

It's divided into 4 regions. so far I've explored regions 1 & 2...I'm itching to do 3 & 4. It's lots of side of the road beauty...

           Country Stores full of locally grown produce and honey and jams and jellies...

AND Ghost TOWNS..the south has plenty  they are much older and have more ghosts than the ghost towns of the west! This abandoned community is on Hwy 28, Mount Carmel....near the site of the Long Canes Massacre of 1760!. Can you imgine SPENDING A NIGHT IN THIS OLD HOUSE? I don't think I'd want to!! I would want to do a quick walk through just to see the old beauty of the place...I see 2 fireplaces and its upstairs Its weird that staircase on the porch going up to the second balcony?  Could be an old 2 family house?

and an old church is across the street..

Dilapidated homes line the abandoned streets at this cross road ...

... the massacre occurred when Cherokee Indians attacked a wagon trail of settlers leaving to get away form the violence of the Cherokee Indian War of 1760 no reason to try and see this old Fort Charlotte, because its now under the water of Lake Strom Thurmond! Ghosts under water? EERIE

and the old train depot now boarded up makes me wonder of the travelers who came to this area to start a new life...or flee a failed one!! History is all around, but I didn't see many people just other cars passing through on their way to someplace else.  

so much to explore so little un-tethered  time...

...soon as he weather cools I want to plan to continue on this Corridor right where I LEFT OFF...and follow it to the coast gotta get together with my sis and see when Mom can come stay a while with them so I can take off, can you tell I'm getting itchy??

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. That sounds great. Can't beat those back roads. I think we've taken more of them this year and it's really been a lot of fun.

    1. Well I'm getting to where I don't enjoy the fast lane at all...the slower the better!!

  2. Wow, sounds awesome there! Our ghost towns are fun and all, but I would love to see some east coast ones- never even thought about them being there. Really neat photos!

  3. Getting k the itch you say? I'm going batty myself.

    I love exploring old towns like the ones in your pictures. Makes you kind of sad to see them in such dis repair. Hope you get to go soon

  4. I like to think I'm not the superstitious sort, but I wouldn't be comfortable sleeping in that house! I wish I'd known about those corridors when our gd and her husband lived in Charleston ... we would have taken some of those sidetrips. Did love what we saw of your state.


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