Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swamps Are Gardens too!

Swan Lake and Gardens is basically a swamp! The water is shallow, filled with Cyprus trees and the water is now smothered with duckweed, a tiny small 2 lobed plant the size of a pin head! Its not a good plant to have in a it cuts out sunlight from reaching the bottoms of the lake bed.  When wild birds fly from one lake to the other they can transport this weed on their feathers and feet so it gets moved around pretty fast and it grows like wildfire I put some in my wee water garden and its now filled and clogging my pump!

Swan Lake has a large collection of swans....they roam and swim openly through out the park...although I don't see any I'm assuming the wings are clipped some way that makes me sad, I go to see the other wildlife that fly in and out of the area it is a Wildlife area too.  And the swans are beautiful, and well cared for.  We had a nice cool day for a change so we wandered around and enjoyed what we saw!!!

can you stand on one leg
Trumpeter Swan Alaska and western Canada

hybrid duck?
Hybrid ?

butterfly garden
butterfly garden


how many turtles can...
these turtles were stumped!

Belted Kingfisher
the belted kingfisher tried to hide

The Green Anole
sunning anole
In the lime light

Great Egret
The great Egret in a tree..
Whooper swan
Whooper Swan Eurasian species 
Auzie Black Swans
Black Swan from Australia 

Coscoroba Swan SA
Coscoroba Swan South America
They have Bewick's Swans too but I didnt GET a photo of one...I saw a hybrid swan tho...he had a white body and a black neck! they had him in a pen by himself
mute swan
Mute Swan Europe introduced to USA and doing well in the East
      this soft shelled turtle was pretty big I'd guess a foot across!

soft shelled turtle


silver  spotted skipper
Silver spotted skipper

green heron
Green Heron

Keep your head down
Great Blue Heron

male wood duck non breeding
male wood duck non breeding


And a very cool winged sculpture! There is an Iris festival here each spring,,,and tourist come by the bus load to admire the gardens..

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Great pictures. Love the sculpture

  2. Amazing, all the different types of swans. That looks like a unique place.

  3. That sculpture is crazy! I like it. Interesting to see all the random swans together, even if they're not "wild" so to speak. Beautiful flowers too.

  4. Oh, my goodness, what an awesome place. Wetlands are my favorite habitats. Just look at all those beautiful photos! And I suppose, if you have to put something manmade right smack dab in the middle of it, a wing works better than some ugly modern art sculpture. There are so many invasive species of plants taking over everywhere!


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