Sunday, December 26, 2010

...on to the future

It started out softly..

Fluffy White
the field
...and then it came down harder!! LOL I love this stuff when..
  1. I am not going to work.
  2. I dont have to clear off or warm up my car.
  3. I can go out and enjoy it.
  4. I dont have to mop up any one's drip spot but my own!
Does that sound selfish? Sorry bout that.  Well it doesnt snow that often here in SC normally its warm this time of year but this is the 2nd nice snow we've had this yr. IF you recall we had a 6-8 inch snow in February of this yr.  I went out with the camera but didnt take the girls this time.  Flossie's feet get impacted with snow so didnt want to deal with that this time but they did go out for a short run in the field by themselves early this morning.

Our trip upstate to my sister's was pleasant and I always love that drive from here to the foothills of the Blue Ridge...I was driving so no photos of the drive but here's another of our field..from a different vantage point the pines are always green---I like the way the trunks of the oaks look black with the snow painting the limbs white!

The clouds broke up a bit this afternoon then back to solid grey...that was pretty while it lasted.

The snow didnt stick to the sandy dirt roads that surround us...since this snow began as rain the road was too wet for it to stick.. it will dry out quickly once the sun returns.

you can see the way I trimmed up the bottoms of the cedars - gives more sun to the grass

The birds were really around
in numbers getting at the seed feeders!  We had lots of pine siskins,
 gold finches, & dark eyed junco around today as well as some others. I will save those for World Bird Wednesday! ...the air turned cold, the sun tipped westward, the birds went to roost, the squirrels curled up in their winter nests, and I went in for a nice hot cocoa-and to upload my photos on my new 3G Verizon Hotspot! Am I a lucky girl or what? 
Enjoy this last week of 2010! Wow that sounds so weird--I'm still stuck in the 70's!


  1. Love the snow shots. Photoshop in your camping equipment and I think you have your Christmas card for next year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely snow scenes Dixxe, and that third one is excellent. Would make a great print.

    Stuck in the rock of the 70's; hmmm, nothing wrong with that lol

  3. Thank you for giving us such lovely snow. Have a great last week no matter the decade. :)

  4. Great pictures of the snow. Definately Christmas Card worthy...

  5. Wow, that's a lot of snow for your area! Happy New Year!


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