Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ride Along the Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Pkwy 078

Today I tripped up a little north of Greenville, to the Blue Ridge was a super day for it too! The wildflowers are awesome right now...and that brings out the butterflies, I saw LOTS...

Blue Ridge Pkwy 122

I didnt bring along my butterfly field guide book, but I think this is a red spotted Purple..correct me if Im wrong..and then the Monarch was sooo pretty!

Blue Ridge Pkwy 098

Some areas had color showing up on the trees, I didnt get a good clear shot, TOO lazy to put up the tripod, but the color is pretty!

Blue Ridge Pkwy 003

The Parkway is filled with tunnels....VERY DARK tunnels!

Blue Ridge Pkwy

The views were about a month I am coming back to dog sit...and the fall color should be at or near peak...I really hope to get back to the parkway for that!
Blue Ridge Pkwy 067

Heading back home tomorrow..and then if the weather holds we may go to the beach to celebrate our Birthdays! My birthday is only 5 days away from my Mom's!


  1. Ah choo! Those butterfly pictures are amazing!

  2. Stunning scenery Dixxe. Breathtaking views in the first and last.
    I can only imagine what the colours will look like.

  3. I can see why you keep going back to "dog sit." Beautiful shots.

  4. "AH" you got me figured out Diana..well my sis pays for my gas and gives me what the Dog Feeder would be paid...and its free room n board and its close to the things I love to do...the mountains, hiking, and its JUST beautiful up there!!!
    AND I want to help make sis's life easier she has a LARGE burden due to her job. So che came home from that business trip with a totally cleaned house and a happy dog!
    (but the fridge was empty!)yikes-

  5. The scenery is really beautiful, what a wonderful place to be visited. You are right, there is definitely autumn in the air, I promised myself not to be lazy this year and to go out with a camera to catch the autumnal atmosphere. It is so unique...

    It's great that you and your sister found a way both of you benefit from, it must strengthen your relationship significantly...

  6. That blue butterfly is just gorgeous. Fabulous pictures.

  7. Those butterfly photos are just gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday to you and your Mum :)


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