Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvesting Memories in the Low Country of SC

Fall is all about harvesting in my mind, so what better thing to harvest than great memories? My mom is 86 so she needs to pack in as many as she can get...and Im helping by taking her to the coast for a short road trip...we came to the Low Country area of our state (SC) and the weather is perfect and we are enjoying the scenery here..including this great Visitors Center in the old Frampton Plantation House...check out these fantasy live oaks covered in Spanish moss-

The low country is famous for shrimping, remember Forest Gump and his Bubba Gump Shrimp company? Well we didnt see that one but we saw the shrimpers come in and dock for the night...

Fishing is something everyone enjoys in these parts, rivers, marsh, estuaries, & the Atlantic Ocean provide many opportunities to enjoy being at or on the water.  A fishing pier is the perfect place to get a birds eye view of what's swimming by..

We always support our state parks when we can otherwise they will go the way of the parks in Arizona!  So we visited Hunting Island State Park.  There is an old lighthouse (1873) and a great beach although the cabins we wanted to rent were flooded and marked to be demolished---the beach is suffering erosion as never seen before and that causes the trees on the island to be swept into the surf when storms come through and thats all the time anymore with our changing environment.  I think the Earth is cleaning herself and getting ready to shake things up a bit..meanwhile we best enjoy it while its here...

Hunting Island Lighthouse c-1873

The fallen wood gives a different perspective on the view of the ocean...and we can see how quickly Mother Nature takes what is hers and recycles it! There is a lesson in that for humans...this looks like the Lock Ness sort of---

The beach is always fun to enjoy, no matter what Mother Nature has going on, we can be a part of it...

say cheese

LOTS of cool driftwood if you are a collector -- look at the great artwork Mother Nature has provided for us--

So we took for Beaufort and Ill leave that post for my next one, as Im out of time--gotta pack up and head to Charleston today...Mother Nature shows off once again by using the sun to make an ugly concrete bridge something special...

Sorry I havent visited lately, hard to get everything in there when you're traveling, but Ill catch up asa I can..
Happy Travels to all of you what ever you're into today!


  1. I really enjoyed these pictures Dixxe; and I have to agree, I think the Earth is cleaning herself and getting ready to shake things up a bit too.
    I love that first shot of the beach, with the fingers of wood reaching out to the sea. Beautiful image.

  2. Very striking photos here Dixxe, I particularly liked the driftwood one.

    I also loved the painting by the 'Second Grader' on the previous post, so vibrant and colourful!

  3. I love the wood in the sand pictures. Also the one of the gull is a favorite. You do take the most interesting photos.

  4. Thank you all so much for your nice comments and taking the time out of your own busy lives to stop by and say hello!!


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