Friday, July 16, 2021

What's Going Down around Home?

Here it is Wednesday already and my blog posts at Midnight on Thursday and I got nothing!! So grab the camera and see what's at hand...

My laundry basket I ran right out and... 

Got some tape to fix it you know me better than to think I would go purchase another one, this thing has loads of laundry left to do and I have plenty of tape...haha

Mom's Mimosa Tree 


 I have been busy with chores around my homestead, grass cutting, stix pick up, some pruning of overgrown things and moving my suet feeder all over the place to try and stop squirrels from attacking.  

and drying some  home grown Oregano...this is  one of my favorite herbs to grow even the squirrels don't bother it! The deer's the perfect herb..

 I packed this jar with Jalapeno peppers fresh off the plant added vinegar and a sprinkle of a couple weeks I will have a  hot vinegar splash which goes well with cooked greens of all kinds, 


More goodies from the garden pots, but tomato is so obviously missing! I have some small green ones but nothing to pick! One plant is way tall over my head and it has flowers and tiny pin head size tomato...I don't think it's going to produce much. 

                This cherry size has a few

Hmmmm Maybe this Katydid is eating my tomato?


The Japanese Eggplant is trying to give me more fruit this is #5 some critter ripped the last 4 up while they were still small...I put screen over the top an attempt to save this one...Wish me luck..


The Zucchini plant has given me more veg to enjoy and the green beans and asparagus give one or two tidbits daily that I break up over a salad...

I keep them in some water till time to cook


The Carolina Wren built a nest in  the airplane plant, unfortunately when I try to water the plant she flies out...I saw the eggs this time..

3 new homesteaders on the way...

The Blue Whale Hosta is always gorgeous and the hummers and bees get happy for this...

Getting Happy

The young Brown-Headed Nuthatches are quick at the feeder while the Carolina Chickadee waits a turn in the Holly Tree..

Refill this asap


Meanwhile a drama of sorts was seen  on the handle of the  watering can..

 Inch Worm? Trying very hard to mimic a stick on the handle... being stalked by an Assassin Bug...don't worry I moved the  little worm to safety..

dragons at the heliport landing

the dinner bell

The Gladiola I stole from the roadside wilds in FL are now blooming...


I skipped...down to the pasture for  plums just 2 days ago the tree was covered...

found one....good thing I didn't really want any jelly, hmmmm 

HOLY Webworms! The eggs are laid by a little white moth  in the family Erebidae, and around here its mostly in the Persimmon trees.  They spin this web and the caterpillars defoliate the entire branch it does not harm the tree but it is ugly looking...

                     the black specks, caterpillar don't let it hit your head! 


Here is a short video I put together of garden to table, its too hot to enjoy doing any DIY projects, birding, hiking or travel so I'm staying close to home and enjoying the simple things... a home grown and cooked meal!
Please give a shout out to our blog friend Dave, of Everyone Likes Pictures, he is going through some medical issues at the moment. Dave I sure hope you're up and at it again soon will certainly be thinking of you....all the best my friend. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    The fresh oregano sounds wonderful, I love it. Your veggies are looking good. I think a deer ate part of our tomato plant. I miss our big old Mimosa tree, it died years ago. The blooms are so pretty. I like your dinner bell. Cute captures of the Nuthatch and Chickadee. Sending prayers for your friend Dave! Take care, have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, the Mimosa Tree had a few blooms this year, the deer used to attack it the males in fall but its finally tall enough now its not their preferred so has a weird shape, but it's hanging in there one of my old established Pines and Dogwood however has kicked the bucket! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. What A Delightful Post - So Relaxing To Read Through - Keep Us Posted With The Canned Goodness - Big Hugs


    1. Hi Travis Happy Birthday!! Hope you have MANY more....cheers!

  3. Wishing Dave a speedy recovery!
    all the herbs I was growing died :( Your veggies look good and your quick meal looked really good too. You have such a great yard with many wonderful things to see. It has been cooler but the humidity is higher so it is nasty.
    Have a good week

    1. Hi Jo, thank you...its humid here too....I have to get my walk in before 9 am or it's not happening. Thundered all around me but no rain, we sure need it right now. Hope your weekend is Peaceful and Happy.

  4. Well I hope the eggplant makes it!
    Loved all the pics!

    1. Howdy Sis!! Im guarding the eggplant like it's made of I can't wait to eat it!! Happy weekend HUGS.

  5. I always enjoy when you do an "everyday" post -- might be ordinary to you, but it is an adventure as far as I'm concerned. I love getting the sense-of-place and you are good at that. Loved the video, but confess -- where did you get those tomatoes? We do try to eat as much farm-to-table as possible only nothing at all comes from our own garden, which is non-existant. I love farm markets!! The nest that one bird built in a plant seems rather iffy! I hope the babies make it!!

    1. Hi Sallie, while Im waiting on my 10 ft tall tomato to give fruit I got some at the Food Lion...Grown in CA pretty good too. Next year Im only going with a "determinate" variety of tomato, I did grow the 10 ft one from seed...SO it finally has one tiny fruit on it but I think its too late. The Carolina Wren builds 2 or 3 nest a year, it is a late one and so far nothing has hatched. Have a great week.

    2. Thank you so much for the correct ID on my Clark's Nutcracker. I fixed it and credited you, but I will try to work something into the next post too to talk about how good you are! Much appreciated.

    3. Hi Sallie, naw it's nothing, I know you love birds and I know how easy it is to get them mixed up I do it too, trust me I do! I count on others to help me when I make a mistake, I spent many years with a bird book in my lap. AND I was a member of a very big bird club and went with the masters they taught me a LOT.

  6. Thank you for this lovely post.
    Fun and interesting to read and great photographs.

    Hope the eggplant is still doing ok :)

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, so far it's hanging in there literally...I check it twice a day! I really am looking forward to eating it and Im looking at maybe a vegan eggplant parmesan recipe. Have a good week.

  7. Oregano is one of my favourite herbs too, I use it in so many things! It's good to see you're getting some food from the garden, i'm not sure what the issue is with the tomatoes, it's a shame they aren't producing better. The caterpillar 'webs' always fascinate me, we get one here that can cover rows of bushes or trees in it, amazing work really!

    1. Hi Pam, the only clue I have is we had a cold spring, and I don't think they got the benefit of warmth to start with And we had a lot of rain also denying them of the sunshine. I picked the small ones Green so they can ripen on the ledge when I found one half eaten! ;o/ I enjoyed your post a variety of very interesting plants, birds, and insects!


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